3 Quick and Easy Content Ideas

The ever evolving online world means that people are no longer just competing with large scale publishers, when trying to get content published. Everyone now has the ability to publish content online, when they have access to the right skills and equipment. This has both its positive and negative connotations – greater engagement and less budgetary constraints, but more competition. Writing content continuously can be extremely challenging and time consuming for a business. However, the following three points offer different, but quick and simple content ideas. Ideal for those moments when you just can’t think of anything.

Curated List Posts

Writing original content can consume a lot of time and effort, meaning that the number of posts you are able to publish decreases. A curated list, however, can offer you a perfect alternative. This could be a collection of quality niche articles, webinars, tools or expert opinions on whatever your topic may be. Here’s an example of this.

Curated list posts help to deliver extra value to your readers, while taking a lot less time to create. They can also be used as a brilliant piece of content marketing, helping to attract additional views, shares and links. What’s more, it gives you a reason to build relationships and backlinks with the people you have featured in your list, so be sure to share the link to your article with them when live.

Create Visuals Not Words

If you can’t think of the words, why not try and entice new new readers with visuals – such as slideshares or infographics. Although creating visuals can be time consuming, the returns have been witnessed to be well worth it. Visual content has been proven to help you increase pageviews, rankings and referral traffic, within short periods of time.

In addition to this, visuals allow for the subtle inclusion of calls to action. For example ‘Visit the Website for More Information’ or ‘Contact us Through Social Media’.

The Slightly More Wordy Options

Although blog writing can be a pain, sometimes more in-depth content is what is needed. However, they don’t always have to be basic long-firm pillar posts. Why not consider converting a collection of previous posts into free how to guides or partnering with an expert to produce a useful white paper. Both of these solutions arguably reduce time and effort, while still publishing extremely high quality content.

When writing pieces of content it is key to remember that more does not always equal quality. Try instead to publish better content rather than publish more. You can do this through the inclusion of aspects such as: conducting your own research, finding reliable data to back up your claims, or write 100% unique content. Although quality content may take longer to create, it is also more likely to attract others online, for example third party publishers who may refer to your content on their site.

Content is the Key

Essentially, the key with content is ensuring that it is always relevant and interesting to your target audience. If you want to know more about how to improve your content marketing campaigns, or any other area of digital marketing, simply get in touch.