7 Digital Marketing Trends To Keep An Eye On In 2016

To maximise your impact in 2016 it is essential to use key digital marketing trends before they take off. Here are the 7 elements that digital marketers should investigate and implement in the coming year to remain relevant.

Virtual Reality

VR headsets from major firms including Sony and Facebook are on the way in 2016. They will open up new ways in which brands can engage with consumers. Early adopters are curious about what this tech will offer. It will certainly kick-start this exciting new avenue for creativity, entertainment and promotion.

Mobile Dominance

Last year more people searched the web and browsed sites from smartphones than desktop PCs. This trend will now encourage more businesses to take a mobile-first approach to their campaigns in 2016.

Video Ads

Video is more popular than ever thanks to the variety of content found on platforms like YouTube. With help from a digital agency in Hampshire, businesses can make sure that their multimedia endeavours are successful this year.

Live Streaming

Live streaming has already proven to be a great tool in the early weeks of 2016. The Drummond puddle was a hit on Twitter’s Periscope service. Getting a marketing agency to cook up a similar concept with viral potential could provide brands with a boost over the coming months.

Location-Based Marketing

Although the internet allows for interaction with a global audience, modern technology also makes it possible to take a local approach to marketing. By harnessing in-store Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other forms of connectivity, businesses can target potential customers in a highly effective manner.

Marketing Automation

Automation is a talking point in a number of industries, but when it comes to marketing, the benefits are best seen in the personalisation which is made possible without the need for intervention by staff. Consumers are more willing to share personal information in return for access to digital services, which ensures that marketing content can be tailored to their specific tastes.

Relationship Marketing

Loyalty is a valuable commodity for any business, but one which can be hard to sustain in web-literate customers. So relationship marketing helps companies to define and implement strategies to secure long term engagement with customers, interacting with them at an individual level and making them feel special.

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