7 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Website

Its slow

Users want information instantly and are very impatient. If your site takes a long time to load, users will simply hit the “X” instead of waiting. More than half of internet users expect a website to load within 2 seconds. Google also uses site speed for ranking so the faster the better!

Out of date CMS/scripts (security risk)

Web development is an everchanging world. In the last few years there have been a plethora of new options available including widgets, apps and plugins designed to entice, engage and enhance the user experience. To keep up with the fast pace of change you need a content management system (CMS) so updates can be added. If your site is too old, it’s time to start again as CMS is now standard for websites

Doesn’t work well on mobile

Google recently rewarded mobile-friendly sites with higher rankings on mobile searches. What’s more, research has shown that mobile search is on the increase. In fact by 2017 68% of all internet traffic will be generated by mobile devices. If your website isn’t mobile friendly you could be missing out on almost a third of potential traffic. Use Google Analytics to find out how much mobile traffic your site currently has.

Unengaging content, poor structure, high bounce rate

Digital marketing is all about content. It needs to be engaging, of value to your audience and fresh and original. It also needs to be found easily. If your site is difficult to navigate and not user friendly, the user experience is negative and the bounce rate will be high. A redesign can organise your website better, enabling users to quickly find what they are looking for and create a positive experience.  

Error Messages

An error message means something is broken. While often there is a simple fix, it could be symptomatic of a deeper problem. If you have just 1 or 2 broken links, these can be easily solved. But should you have lots of error messages, missing images and broken links then it’s time to consider starting from scratch with a complete redesign. Keep an eye on Google Search Console who are often the first source for reported errors.

Outdated SEO

Search engines like websites to have content that is continually changing, properly coded and isn’t heavily weighted with images. You should be able to keep your site updated yourself but if you have missing or detrimental onpage optimisation techniques, it could be time to enlist the help of an expert. If your website doesn’t allow for onpage optimisation, it won’t perform well for your marketing and it might be time for a clean slate.

Lack of traffic

Lack of traffic to your website can be down to many variables. Content? Keyword with high competition? Mobile optimisation? In fact all of the reasons mentioned earlier. If you are unable to pinpoint the exact reasons why then it’s probably a good idea to have a web developer investigate. And it may just be worth  going back to the drawing board and starting again.

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