Benefits of a Good Hosting Package

In today’s world, more and more businesses rely heavily on their website and online presence. While there is a huge variety of options available, the benefits of a good hosting package cannot be understated.

Professional web hosting provides businesses with technical support and enhanced web security that are not provided by free web hosting services. For companies that handle sensitive data there is the peace of mind that data backup and restoration features are available. Many people compare hosting companies solely on price and metrics such as disk space and bandwidth, but there’s lots more to consider.


Uptime is obviously important. Every minute your website is down it could be losing you money. Something to consider when choosing your hosting package is how many resources are dedicated to you – be sure you are assigned dedicated resources and your website is protected from other accounts you may share a server with. This will keep you safe in the knowledge that another website running bad scripts or  any spikes in bandwidth usage will not slow down your server.

Professional hosting providers keep on top of the latest technologies and advances in the industry, allowing you to reap the rewards without the expense of new equipment or staff. Moreover, so that your system is always up-to-date, hosting providers will download and install software updates and fixes on an ongoing basis. They can even help you achieve any compliance and regulatory requirements.

A good hosting provider will have sufficient resources of hardware and software, so that as your business grows, the hosting provider is ready and able to help you scale up easily.


Having a fast website is essential, especially with the shrinking attention span of consumers today.

40% of people will abandon your website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

The speed of your website has a large impact on your conversion rate too.

Increasing your website speed from 8 to 2 seconds can increase your conversion rate by 74%

It is said that for every 1 second delay your will lose 7% conversion rate.

SEO is also given a healthy boost when your website is performing well with quick load times.

To achieve the fastest performance for your users, the best way is to find a hosting provider that doesn’t overcrowd their servers. The server’s resources are shared between the sites meaning your website pages will load more slowly.


Another potential advantage regarding speed is the physical location of the server in relation to your target market. Generally speaking, the closer the website visitor is to the server, the fewer networks the data passes through. However it’s not always about the distance, it’s more about the number of routers and exchanges between the user and the server. Usually though, further distances will have more routers and exchanges, reducing download speed.

On top of faster load times, having a server located closer normally means the hosting support is local. Google considers close proximity between website visitors and the servers as a plus point.


A professional web hosting company will integrate various security measures to protect your data from both physical and online threats. They have the expertise and knowledge to stay on top of the latest innovations to provide your website with the strongest security possible.  

Recently, browsers have started showing warnings for websites that transmit passwords or card details for payments that are not loaded over HTTPS (SSL). For more information on this read our blog

SSL is soon to become the norm, with already more than half of all websites on Chrome loaded over HTTPS. Users associate SSL with trustworthiness, offering benefits such as;

Looking more professional. To have an SSL certificate, checks are made by the issuing authority.

Increased user loyalty. For sites that have account logins, users are more likely to keep returning if they know their personal data is safe. 

Entice more customers. Buying online is not without it’s risks, some users will check for SSL before even viewing your products or services.

Protect your data. SSL protects the information you send out as well as receive.

Having SSL increases the chances of getting new users to become customers and retaining existing ones. Choosing a professional web hosting company means you can more easily obtain an SSL certificate.


Accidents happen, and if something does go wrong the last thing you want is to lose your data (or your customer data). If you have your website hosted with a professional company, you can be sure that everything should be able to be restored due to regular backups.

Customer Support

Customer support can be low down on the priority list for newly initiated website owners, especially for those looking to cut costs. For the majority of the time, things are running smoothly. However, sooner or later something will go wrong and this is the moment that the support of experts is vital. After all, you are losing money every moment your website is down.

Your website may need to have services such as an e-commerce platform installed. Third party integration can be difficult or even impossible with free hosting services. With a professional web hosting company, such services and platforms can be installed much easier. Plus – there’s the benefit of technical support 24/7.

Domain And Email

As a client of a good web hosting company you will have at least one domain name, allowing your business to build a brand that is unique and lasting. If you use a free web hosting company, it is likely that you’ll be required to use a subdomain that includes the name of the hosting company, delivering promotion for the provider and diluting your brand identity.

Another advantage of a private domain name is that you can create personalised emails and campaigns with the website. By using a personalised and branded email system, you can grow your brand and online presence.


Whatever the size of your business, finding the right partner is a cost-effective solution. Working with a web hosting provider can relieve you or your IT team of the time consuming duties of hosting a website, granting you extra time to focus on building your business.

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