We worked with 12CP to evolve their branding to give it a professional yet established look and feel.

Project background

12CP are a Barristers based in Southampton, offering expert advice on their specialist practice areas. They are an approachable, professional company that offer quality service as individual barristers or as a team. The main practice areas are Crime, Housing, General Civil, Planning and Employment.

As part of their new website design and build (more info on this here) they had concerns that their branding had not stood the test of time. It no longer represented their values.

Following an office move and name change, they decided they wanted to tighten up their identity to something which truly reflected what they stand for and which they can be proud of.

We were tasked with evolving their logo in a way that better projected the professionalism and expertise behind the business.

12CP logo concepts

Variations of logo

We looked at 3 different approaches:

  1. Something simple and professional
  2. Something more abstract and modern
  3. Something which contained some elements of the original logo

Using these approaches, we then started sketching out some concepts. When we had established some initial ideas, we moved those over into a digital work space to tighten them up.

Once we had the initial shapes, we were able to start playing around with colour and typography.


12CP wanted to keep their core brand colour (a dark blue) but broaden their colour palette to introduce some more variety. The original brand colour was dark, so we introduced a new secondary colour, that not only complimented the primary blue but also gave the brand a more friendly and approachable representation. When we then began working on the website design, we also introduced white, grey and silver to help create contrast on individual website elements.

Having chosen the colours, we  then got to work on refining their typography. We wanted the text across their website and branded collateral to look really professional, so it needed to be clean and simple. They had previously just used Arial and Times New Roman which hadn’t felt very inspiring.

We looked at a wide range of different font styles including Sans, Sans Serif and Display format.  We settled on two serif typefaces which we felt were perfect for their new look.

By this point, we had narrowed down three specific concepts to present to 12CP. We applied the colours and font styles to three preferred choices ready to get their thoughts.

Final logo design

After going through some final iterations, the final logo was chosen using a combination of two of the concepts.


12CP Barristers business card mockup
12CP Barristers coffee cup mockup

12CP loved how the final concept had incorporated some of the aspects they liked from their old logo, but bringing in a fresh modern feel.

Since launching their brand, they have received positive feedback both internally and externally, with many comments being made at industry events about how much people like the new look.


We have been SO impressed with the service we have received. Having been stuck for sometime with a way of rebranding our business the Atelier team came up with not one but three credible alternatives in a very short period of time. Incredible service and all with a smile.

Mark Harrison, Senior Clerk

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