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CMS Downs are a chain of retail stores selling carpets, beds, flooring and rugs. We have been working with them on a digital marketing strategy, comprising of SEO, PPC and Social Media.

The goal of the strategy is to grow visibility in the local surroundings of each store – in return driving more traffic to the website and increasing footfall in store.

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Project Background

CMS Downs are a retail chain with large showrooms in Newbury, Woking and Winchester.

We have been working with them for a number of years on their digital marketing actiity, to help them grow the customer base of each of their locations.

Through our activity, we were aiming to:

  • grow CMS Downs’ brand awareness in each of their store locations
  • increase the number of in-store visits from potential customers
  • increase the number of bookings for measure and estimates





The Click Through Rate on Search Ads has improved by



Our strategy centred around a combination of targeted pay-per-click advertising across Google

and Bing, as well as local SEO activity.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

The main focus was on Search Ads – designed around those customers who were researching more information for their next carpet or bed purchase.

We incorporated promotional information when available, as well as specific GEO targeting and address information for each showroom to give the customer the crucial information which might sway their attention.


SEO Approach

It was all about growing CMS Downs’ visibility and search engine rankings for searches taking place or mentioning the showroom locations, as well as the growing ‘near me’ searches.

We used a combination of onsite optimisations, content creation techniques, social media activity and offsite outreach in order to continue growing organic performance.

An Increase in Organic Sessions of

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Measuring In-Store Visits

To help with measuring instore visits, vouchers were tied in with the active seasonal promotions so that customers would have something physical to bring in to store.

The vouchers were advertised within ad copy and social media, directing customers to the website to register their details in order to receive a voucher to download.

The number of voucher downloads was being recorded in Google Analytics,  while staff were responsible for recording the number of vouchers that were then redeemed in store.

Conversions Have Increased By


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