CVAN South East – WordPress Website

We launched a new WordPress website for CVAN South East – Contemporary Visual Arts Network.

The website needed to effectively  profile the visual arts in the region while also acting as a useful resource for everyone in the region who works in this sector.

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This wesite was launched to replace the the regional page which CVAN Southeast had on the main CVAN website – giving them a standalone website to develop an online presence.

The website was targeted to a specialist audience based in the South East region, with a focus on artists, arts professionals, cultural development professionals and a general art audience nationally and internationally.

CVAN website news design


As a new website, it was crucial that there  was  a strong visual identity which made the website both impactful and memorable for new visitors.

On top of this, strong accessibility was crucial – the website needed to be highly legible, compatible with common accessibility tools and working perfectly across a multitude of mobile and tablet devices.

To achieve this we opted for a simple, stripped back design – using white space effectively and a clear simple navigation. Not only did this allow people to quickly identify the right section of the website for them, but it also meant that the focus stayed on the stunning artwork and visuals.

CVAN website design

Functional Requirements

A key requirement for CVAN Southeast was that the website was simple and easy for them to update and manage in the future. To achieve this, we selected the WordPress CMS which is renowned for it’s user friendly dashboard, and we also built many areas of the website editable so that they could edit the majority of the website themselves.

On top of this, we also ensured that the website could handle multiple formats of media content to cater for their extensive media library and resources. There is also a member map highlighting the locations of all the members – a crucial aspect for many regional organisations.

Website Optimisation

Before the website went live, we worked on a phase of website optimisation to ensure that the website could be read, understood and indexed by search engines. This also included  making sure that all the page view and conversion tracking was set up correctly.

We used Google Tag Manager to set up key conversion tracking – including contact form submissions across the website. This will help CVAN Southeast to continue to review the performance of the site and make iterative improvements.

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