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Day Equestrian wanted an image led inspiring website to stand out against their competitors.  We created a website which is flexible enough to be used across the other areas of the business and really focuses on easy user journeys and driving enquiries.



Project background

Day Equestrian  came to us as their previous website wasn’t working for them, there was little flexibility to add and change content and the products weren’t represented in the right way.

Our planning workshops really helped Day Equestrian to map out how the products would sit and what important information should be displayed to reduce copy overload and aid user journeys.


The umbrella company, Day Group, have a distinctive ‘green’ colour which needed to be incorporated in to the new design but we also wanted to introduce a new colour to give Day Equestrian their own identity. A gold colour was suggested during the design brief stage and when we came to the design concepts we all loved it – it not only complimented the green but also brought the feeling of luxury that is associated with the horse riding industry. Another important part of the design was the powerful imagery that highlighted the quality of the surfaces and installed trust in the customers that were coming to the website.

Website Visitors Grew By



Each surface sold by Day Equestrian has unique characteristics, we wanted to use illustration and iconography to simplify these for the user so they can be quickly glanced at and compared to other surfaces.



As Day Equestrian is only one branch of the parent company Day Group we needed to consider the other websites during the build. We decided to implement multi-site which allowed the websites to ‘share’ layouts but also gave them the ability to have their own colours and fonts. This meant that the same style will run through the websites to associate them with each other but each branch could have its own unique identifier (in this case secondary colour). It means that all websites can be updated from one central location and it also gives Day Group the flexibility to launch more sites in the future.


Another challenge was creating an easy to digest, get a quote form. With a lot of questions required to provide an accurate quote there was the fear that potential customers may be overwhelmed. We introduced a step by step form which guides the customers through the questions creating a better user experience. The functionality also offers conditional answers so extra boxes would only appear if needed which gives a nice balance of fewer boxes for the customer but gives Day Equestrian everything they need to create a quote.

Step by Step form design


Page Views Increased By


SEO Optimisation

One of the final parts of the project was optimising the new website for search engines and setting up tracking.

Having worked with Day Equestrian for sometime we had established a strong foundation of authoritative and engaging content.

We paid special attention to optimise these key content pages on the new website. Since launch, these pages have gone from strength-to-strength, attracting large numbers of page views each month.

In addition to preserving content we were very conscious of setting up thorough 301 redirects from their previous site. This meant we wouldn’t lose any traffic and could hold onto existing page authority.

We concluded our SEO setup by ensuring all technical and onsite fundamentals were in place. From a healthy internal and external linking profile to engaging page titles and meta descriptions.

The final piece of the puzzle was to setup detailed analytics and tracking using Google Tag Manager which gives us the power to implement all sorts of tracking which provides deep insights.




I have recently starting working with Atelier on our company website. The team are professional, friendly and extremely helpful. They are up for a challenge and have come up with some great ideas. I am looking forward to continuing to work with the team at Atelier and I am very excited to see the finished article!

Carlie Cotton, Marketing Coordinator & PA to Merchant Sales Director

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