As part of a process of digital transformation, the Day Group wanted to expand their website offering to have dedicated websites for each division of their organisation. We worked with them to plan, design and develop a WordPress Multisite network which resulted in 3 individual websites to meet the needs of their different customer groups.



Project background

When we began working on the Day Group websites, there was a website for the Group and a website for Equestrian. There was nothing specific for Day Aggregates which is the main focus of the business.

The websites which did exist were very content heavy, difficult to manage and update and were lacking clear user journeys and calls to action for customers. In a shift to put more emphasis on digital, this project aimed to break down the different customer website needs and produce 3 individual websites with more direct and useful information about each of the offerings.


The Day Group has an established and recognisable brand, much loved within their industry. Therefore, it was crucial that the new websites were aligned in terms of design and structure in order to give familiarity to customers and stakeholders.

To achieve this we expanded the colour palette to allow each website to have a slightly unique proposition without deviating too far from the core brand colours and style.

The design across the websites was further supported with the use of bold imagery – showing the likes of Day branded vehicles, site locations and completed projects.



The sites use WordPress Multisite which allows all the websites within the network to share layouts and plugins while retaining their own colours and fonts. From a support and maintenance point of view, all websites can be updated from one central location.

A key feature for this network of websites was the ability to share ‘Group’ content across the individual websites. When there are job vacancies or relevant blog posts, Day Group can select the specific websites they want that content to show on to ensure they are cross promoting relevant vacancies and Group content to the appropriate audiences.

User permissions can be managed on a website or network basis. This is a great feature to manage control between different employee groups and responsibilities across the divisions.

With the multisite structure, Day Group has the flexibility to easily launch more sites in the future using existing assets.


SEO Optimisation

Before launching the websites, we conducted SEO optimisation throughout each website to ensure that Google could recognise and understand the new structure.

Unique tracking was set up and rolled out across the websites to allow Day Group to track and monitor online performance across each website.




[Atelier] have provided a professional, proactive, and efficient service that is second to none. Each member of the team is highly knowledgeable, polite, and friendly; with a helpful and ‘can-do’ attitude that really makes you feel valued as a customer. I cannot recommend their services enough!

Kaylee Biddle Marketing Manager, Day Group

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