Discover Adventure – SEO & PPC Management

Discover Adventure is one of the UK’s leading adventure
travel companies, specialising in unique charity walks
and cycles across the globe.

Made up of people who truly love the outdoors, their mission is to
create adventure challenges that enable people
to achieve their goals.

Project Background

Following a competitive pitch, Atelier were appointed to help Discover Adventure with their overall digital marketing strategy, particularly SEO and paid advertising (PPC).

Our main goals for the marketing activity were to help with:

  • generating more trip bookings
  • driving higher quality traffic to the site
  • growing traffic to the website

We completed some initial website optimisation work on their website which was then followed with an ongoing strategy to boost organic and paid results.

discover adventure website homepage

discover adventure website

SEO Strategy

We developed a SEO strategy based on established principles of search engine optimisation. Taking into account all elements of SEO that include both the technical and human elements of search.

Optimisation of page titles and meta descriptions, along with a quality led backlink strategy led to steady organic improvement.

In depth keyword research was also carried out to provide in depth insights of user and website behaviour.

We also assisted in the implementation of invaluable eCommerce tracking.

Organic Session Duration Up More Than



Focusing on improving quality traffic and not just quantity we successfully helped improve user engagement. Extending organic session durations by more than 30%.

During this time, we also saw an impressive improvement in goal completions. This was primarily achieved by a significant improvement in goal conversion rate which climbed 66% throughout an 18 month period.

In addition to achieving traffic objectives, we were also able to improve organic visibility for targeted keywords based on thorough keyword research, targeted optimisations and content improvements.

digital marketing training course
Discover Adventure website

PPC Strategy

With so many adventures and trips on offer, we saw the need for efficiency in our PPC activity. By using best practice methodology and identifying key areas of focus, we were able to create a bespoke approach to the campaign structure.

A highly targeted, industry focused keyword and targeting strategy was also implemented to ensure our campaigns and ads reached all customers actively searching for charity and adventure specific challenges.

This tailored approach was also paired with highly targeted, creative responsive display remarketing campaign, aimed at engaging with adventure seekers who had previously interacted with the site.

Uplift in Online Bookings of



In-depth keyword targeting, coupled with a bespoke search and remarketing campaign resulted in an 110% increase in clicks, over an 18 month period.

This resulted in a considerable increase (+82%) in leads and online bookings at cost effective CPA, whilst the remarketing to non-converting audiences kept potential customers engaged with the brand.

Building upon the success of the paid search ads, we also went on to expand Discover Adventure’s digital presence onto different platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram.

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