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It’s Myne approached Atelier to develop a Magento website for their new ecommerce business.

The website listed a number of unique products to buy, while also allowing customers to personalise a range of items with their own images and designs.

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Distinctive Designs

It’s Myne needed the site to really highlight the quirkiness of the products and designs on offer. Breaking the mould from traditional personalisation websites, the site offers a wide range of personalised smoking products as well as gifts and items for the home.

Bold and unusual fonts were selected to give a standout look and feel, while the large banners allowed It’s Myne to show off some of the custom designs and patterns which were on offer to customers designing their products.

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Functional Considerations


The website allows customers to select one of the base products and customise it completely to their requirements. Two final printing options were included to allow customers to select from an enhanced or standard printing quality on their final item.

We incorporated a range of designs, fonts, clip art and quotes to give customers inspiration,as well as the functioanlity for people to be able to upload their own images.

Tool tips were provided throughout to give customers prompts when designing their items. There were also cropped and resizing tools to allow customers maximum flexibility to make products their own.

Print Ready Designs

For It’s Myne to print the customised items, we had included specific functionality to make the items print ready. All artwork had to be output at the exact size of the original templates and also available in multiple file formats including pdf.

What’s more, all of the artwork uploaded and selected  by customers had to be available for download in the order view, including the artwork for their final design.

A preview function was included in the design process to allow customers to double check they are happy with the design before output – this was essential in ensuring the final version was exactly what the customer expected.

Organic Conversion Rate of more than

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Pricing & Shipping

The website is set up to alter the price of the product based on aspects such as quantity and the level of print quality selected (standard of enhanced).

In addition, shipping rules ere set up to handle delivery cost calculation based on the weight of the item.

Global shipping rules were in place allowing It’s Myne to have automatically calculated international shipping prices for if somebody ordered from outside the UK.

Site Optimisation & Marketing

Before go live, we undertook a full phase of optimisation throughout the website to ensure that the site could be read, indexed and understood by Google. As a newcomer to a competitive market, it was essential that the content was well written, considered and really honed in on the key benefits of using It’s Myne.

Extensive onsite optimiation was undertaken on each of the products to ensure that the products were able to compete with other personalised products on the market. In addition, a product feed was created to allow advertising across Google Merchant.


Tag Manager was used to implement ecommerce and sales funnel tracking throughout the site to track revenue – this was essential to assure, especially in the early stages of marketing that all revenue directly attributed back to the source.

We also implemented some behavioural tracking to record customer’s interactions with individual elements of the site. This includes aspects such as scroll depth, time on site and form tracking.

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Ongoing Support

We continue to support It’s Myne with the continued development, hosting and marketing of the website.

As well as running a shopping campaign across Google Merchant, we are also working on curating long form authoritative content and continuing to improve the search engine visibility of the site for related search terms and phrases.


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