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We launched a refresh of Kelda Technology’s website, using some of the existing templates but bringing a more modern look and feel to the design.

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Kelda Technology are an innovative tech brand who have used their unique expertise to create a shower that uses half the water and heating of a standard shower, while offering 2.4 times the spray force. Developing quickly from startup to an established, exciting organisation, Kelda felt that had outgrown the design of their previous website. They wanted something which would show off the products in terms of both their design and creativity.

We embarked on a project to deliver a fresh look and feel which could be incorporated into the website. They wanted to keep a number of their templates, so we applied the new look and feel onto their previous website.

Even though we weren’t starting from scratch, we spent time reviewing the website structure. The old website’s navigation was quite cluttered they wanted to make user journeys clearer. So, we started by looking at Google Analyics to see which pages were actually being visited and how the navigation could be cut down. From this exercise we then had the pages that we needed to keep, improve, remove, focus on and design

Kelda website design


The design brief we discussed with Kelda  took inspiration from ‘Dyson’ and ‘Apple’. This design would focus on great product photography and have a clean and modern look and feel.

They had also begun using the website a lot more in their sales strategy, so we wanted the website to make it easy for people to get more info or get in touch. To make calls to action really clear, we also used a more vibrant colour. This created a nice contrast against the white space to draw the eye.

We wanted the menu to stand out so created a ‘wave’ animation which is triggered when the menu is clicked. The menu opens up and takes over the whole screen to focus the user’s attention on where they want to go next

Kelda website design

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As part of this project we created a ‘Savings Calculator’ which is bespoke to Kelda Technology. This outputs savings based on user’s selections including; country (updates the currency), number of showers, cost of water supply and many other factors.

We also created a specific template for the product pages which highlights key features and installation options which can be changed on a per product basis. We also built in an optional ‘technical specification’ download which appears when a document has been added in the dashboard.


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