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Zenterio are a technology business, headquartered in Sweden, with a portfolio of products and services based around TV and OTT entertainment.

They asked us to design them a new WordPress website which helped their sales teams communicate the benefits of their offering and also in engaging new prospects who might not have heard of them before.


Zenterio website laptop mockup
Zenterio website tablet mockup
Zenterio website design

As a business in the technology sector, the website had to demonstrate the ‘digital first’ culture and ethos of the organisation and their solutions.

As a relatively complex proposition, the key benefits of the solutions needed to be clearly highlighted to any potential prospects. We achieved this through the use of engaging graphics and imagery to make the products and services easier to understand and highlighting key features.

On top of this, we explored alternate ways of using colour to highlight calls to action throughout the site, as well as incorporating clearer visual cues to aid the users experience in navigating the site.

Total users up by



We have worked closely together with Atelier for several years, and it has been a real pleasure collaborating with them. They are truly fantastic web developers and very keen on helping and answering any question we might have. Our website has gone through a number of small and big changes which, with Atelier’s help, have made it a lot better! We owe a lot of the positive comments we receive about our website to Atelier.

Josefine Olson, Marketing Coordinator

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