Don’t Forget about Bing

If you are asked to make a list that ranks search engines in order of their advertising and marketing prospects, it is likely that Google will sit firmly at the top of that list. With its various investments in many different areas, it can often seem that they are on the brink of taking over the whole world. Perhaps they are in many respects.

Conversely, Bing may not be a company that is particularly high up on your list when it comes to advertising. However, it is a platform that almost certainly should not be underestimated. Whilst it may not have been commanding much attention recently, it has been quietly and conscientiously developing its business. It now commands a 21% share of the search engine market. In fact, in certain respects Bing is even able to offer distinct advertising benefits that Google cannot.


The popularity of Google means that competition is extremely high. A PPC agency that knows the inner workings of the industry will recognise that Bing Ads are more powerful than you would initially think. Importantly, Bing advertising is something that companies, especially small and medium-sized businesses, should not be overlooking. Bing Ads are just as dynamic as Google’s Adwords, but the cost per click ratio is markedly lower in comparison. Reduced competition means that businesses will be able to secure better positions at lower prices, which could prove invaluable in a world where successful advertising can make an enormous difference.


Advertising with Bing gives you more control. Settings can be changed, allowing you to apply specific strategies and manage them easily. This means your advertisement is more likely to reach the right people at the right time. Fewer restrictions will allow your PPC agency to make simple changes without having to waste time implementing a new advertising campaign.

Detailed reports can also be accessed easily. This will allow you to see which search partners are performing particularly well at driving traffic to your website. Importantly, your PPC agency will also be able to see which partners are not performing well and exclude them immediately.


The power of social media cannot be overstated. With Google using their own platform, Google+, as their primary social extension, Bing incorporates the influence and power of Twitter. This means that the advertiser’s number of Twitter connections will be displayed alongside their advertisement, which may work to encourage further engagement.


Effective targeting is one of the top priorities for a digital marketing agency. Google currently does not provide any demographic targeting, and this is yet another area where Bing has the upper hand. Their flexible platform allows you to regulate the age and gender of the people who are able to see a particular ad campaign. This is a powerful tool that should be utilised at every opportunity.

It has sometimes been easy to criticise Bing, but as their business model has improved, it could now be the platform that helps to drive traffic to your business whilst offering the best return on your investment.

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