Four Things You Can’t Ignore in Digital Marketing Anymore

Digital marketing has hit the ground running in 2016 with new trends and attributes making it a super important part of a successful online business strategy. But what are the things you can’t ignore in digital marketing anymore?

Here Are The Things You Can’t Ignore in Digital Marketing

Mobile Responsiveness

Your agency told you, Google told you, your peers have told you – It’s now pretty compulsory to be mobile responsive. Stop trying to avoid investing in making your website accessible for mobile users, it’s simply no longer an option. With mobilegeddon happening in 2015, Google have sent out a massive signal that websites must now be mobile responsive in order to have any positive impact on the search results.

In 2015 Google also commented that mobile traffic beat both laptop and desktop traffic results in several countries including the US. So you can see why it’s so crucial to make your site responsive for mobiles. Here at Atelier, we offer all our website builds as mobile responsive as standard so you never have to worry.


These days, marketing departments have to be much more accountable for proven results and be able to demonstrate that their efforts are generating positive ROI. There is a growing amount of marketing platforms and activity that businesses are undertaking, and the increasing portion of overall budget is being dedicated to marketing.

As a result, marketing professionals have to be responsible for the return on investment of their activity. Clear measurable objectives should be set out before starting anything, and reports should be generated to demonstrate the value. Our digital marketing team here at Atelier take accountability very seriously, planning every marketing activity down to the very last detail and reporting on the results regularly.

Data Driven

Whether it’s analytics, the information in your CRM or the environment you operate in – data WILL make your marketing better. We’ve all become accustomed to the likes of keyword research, website traffic and basic customer data, but marketers need to get smarter with the data they have about their business in order to make marketing better. The more you know and understand about your customers, the easier it is to sell to them.

Building a superior customer database of their contact details is a great way of promoting your business, any offers, promotions and new products via email marketing. If you allow your customers to input their own data in return for a discount or additional information then they are more likely to participate, and you can capture their data naturally to generate leads.

Team SEO & PPC

Together they make a beautiful partnership. Although businesses could have success using either SEO or PPC, when the two are working together, online marketing campaigns really come into their own. Through the sharing of keyword data, understanding of customers and increased real estate on the SERP’s, SEO and PPC combine both organic and paid search optimisation to work harmoniously with your website.

If you’re looking for the ultimate results, paring these two together is the greatest partnership. With PPC monitoring the paid search traffic to your site and SEO keeping a close eye on the content and natural rankings, you’ll be a force to recon with that all your competitors should be weary of.

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