Choosing The Right Marketing Automation Software

Choosing the Right Marketing Automation Software – An Introduction

Do you work for a large organisation that posts huge amounts of content or sends considerable email campaigns? If the answer is yes then marketing automation could be exactly what you need to make it much simpler. But how do you go about choosing the right marketing automation software?

However, SMEs can also benefit from marketing automation software just as much as larger businesses. There are so many marketing automation platforms out there. Many have a wide range of prices (including free accounts) that are suitable for companies of all sizes.

The point of marketing automation is to save you time with hassle-free marketing. Whilst simultaneously improving engagement, lead generation and ultimately ROI. For more effective marketing solutions that target email, social and digital media see our software suggestions below.

How Does Marketing Automation Work?

As it is a fairly new concept, particularly for small businesses, marketing automation starts with some form of digital marketing. For example a social media post or an advertising banner that leads to a landing page. Your user will then be prompted to leave their details which makes up the lead generation part of marketing automation. The details can be gathered into a comprehensive database ready for marketing campaigns in the future.

Using your database, you can allow the marketing automation software to personalise the action to suit the visitor. This could include birthday wishes, email promotions or real-time communications that are triggered automatically. This can happen as they carry out specific tasks like filling in a form or visiting a particular landing page.

Email Marketing Automation Software

There are a whole host of marketing automation software available that are perfect for e-marketing campaigns, lead generation and more. Whether you have 2000 subscribers or 1 million and , we’ve narrowed it down to the greatest marketing automation software.

Automation Tools for Large Organisations

It goes without saying that larger companies have a larger marketing budget, as well as having a larger list of email subscribers. Naturally, they would then benefit from high level marketing automation programmes that offer the maximum amount. Allowing lots of emails, lead generation opportunities and prospects to cross-sell and up-sell.

Marketo is a great software to consider. Offering expert marketing automation and personalisation you can choose the perfect plan to suit your individual requirements. Starting at £640 for the basic option, you will receive speedy B2B marketing automation that is recommended for start-ups and SMEs. This is however, pretty pricey for a start-up business when there are plenty of free and much cheaper options available. This is a much more suitable choice for larger companies who can afford Marketo’s expert software.

Pure360 has multiple advantages to both small and large businesses and is a popular favorite amongst digital marketing experts. You can choose from their Effortless Email Automation Software offering auto-response emails, advanced campaigns and innovative solutions to engaging new subscribers.  Pure360 is customisable so you can truly make it work for your specific size of business. Why not try out their Maturity Model which includes a Business Intelligence bolt-on designed to integrate Google Analytics. There’s also a Customer Intelligence system helping you to derive insight from your data. This is  a highly sophisticated email model that will improve your results with ease.

Automation Tools for Smaller Businesses

Choosing a marketing automation platform for your smaller business offers more flexibility with smaller budgets. Many softwares have a free account option that gives you plenty of room for subscribers and emails per month. It allows you to develop and grow without draining your marketing budget.

Emailcenter is a fantastic tool that allows users to create e-marketing campaigns designed to generate a better ROI. As a leading email service provider they are experts at making an email campaign work for your business. As opposed to simply loading a data list and sending out emails. Their automation system is perfect for designing effective and highly targeted emails that take the hassle away. Their Maxservices also provide you with a dedicated account manager to keep you up-to-date with your marketing automation.

Campaign Monitor is ideal for small businesses with an easy to read pricing plan so you can choose exactly what you’re looking for without confusing details. Why not set up a free trial first to see how Campaign Monitor can work for you, entitling you to send to 5 subscribers for free. If you like what you see, their basic plan is only $9 a month and gives you 2,500 emails to 500 people – so there’s plenty of room for your automated e-marketing campaigns without breaking the budget.

Mailchimp is one of the free marketing automation tools available. Well, it offers up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails to be sent out per month for free, which is a considerable amount and plenty for a small business. After that, you’re still only looking at £20.47 for 2,500 subscribers and unlimited emails a month. They offer API tracking, metrics monitoring and flexible, timely automation. Including an e-commerce feature you can trigger emails when visitors open or click specific links on your site.

The Benefits of Automation

The overall benefits of marketing automation are that it is accessible to businesses of all sizes. If you’re looking to save time with hassle-free marketing then automation is the right way to go. Don’t get bogged down by digital marketing, ask an agency to help you get the most out of yours, offering a much more measurable solution that could in turn offer improved lead generation as you can set up multiple touch points and more timely follow-ups, as well as boosting engagement.

An effective marketing automation package offers companies both small and large a superior way of capturing and nurturing leads, combining e-marketing with content marketing and then incorporates SEO tools, list management and polishes it off with the ability to automatically trigger communication with subscribers or consumers.

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