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Demonstrating Your Expertise Through Engaging Content


Content writing is about more than just writing a blog post every now and then. Excellent content is the linchpin of a successful marketing campaign.

It is about truly demonstrating your knowledge and expertise. Content is your opportunity to add real value to your customers – whether that’s telling them more about their area of interest or helping them with an issue.

We work with our clients to create content that achieves a number of objectives:

  • Earning you backlinks to your website
  • Helps position your business as an expert and authority in your industry
  • Boosts search engine visibility
  • Drives more traffic and customers

How our Content Writing Services Work


We can agree a monthly plan to achieve your objectives.


You can let us know when you need help – no contracts required.


We can agree a fixed term scope of work with an end goal and date in mind.

Talk To Us About Your Content Strategy

Content writing is often something that can get forgotten about or is an afterthought. Especially when you have other priorities to think about. 

When you work with an agency, you can get on with your day to day business knowing that your content strategy continues to run like clockwork. 

We can help you with:

  • Generating ideas for content 
  • Planning a content schedule 
  • Writing or creating the content – or sourcing technical copywriters for niche topics
  • Making your content look great
  • Promoting your content to your industry and audience

Our friendly and knowledgeable team are on hand to help your content start generating great results for your business. 

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    The Content Writing Process

    Below is a breakdown of what goes into creating great content. We follow a tried and tested process to ensure all content is given the attention it needs to generate tangible results for your business.


    All content should start with initial research to identify viable subject areas and viewpoints. 

    We’ll explore the data and insights within your business, as well as external data and tools, to find concepts which we know will generate results. 


    When it comes to drafting up the content, you can write it inhouse, get us to write it, or we can source you a technical copywriter.

    If you choose to write it yourself, we are happy to proofread and optimise the content to make sure it’s perfect!


    We’ll then take the words and design your content. Our approach is based on a balance between clear and easy to read information and creative ways to display it. 

    The better your content looks the more likely it is to become a frequently visited and referenced resource.


    The biggest mistake with content is forgetting to promote it once it’s created.

    People may find it themselves, but link building and getting shares is crucial to maximise performance and boost results. We can help you get your content to the right people and places.

    How Involved Do You Need To Be in the Content Writing Process?

    You are the experts when it comes to your business, so the best results always come from working collaboratively.

    When creating content, we like to first spend time understanding where your expertise can best add value to your customers. This might be:

    • A unique viewpoint or angle on a subject
    • A more detailed insight than other content on the subject
    • Some unique research or insights from your company’s data

    We then work to create a thorough piece of content which positions you as the ‘go-to’ source for that topic.

    Having the best piece of content on a subject is not only a great way to build links, but it also makes you more likely to rank well for related searches or achieve featured snippets.

    Types of Content


    1. Detailed blog posts – 500-1,000 word articles on your blog covering off small specific subjects. These are great for driving traffic to your more detailed content.
    2. In-depth power page – 3,000 – 4,000 word content pieces offering a very detailed insight into a subject. We have seen these generate great SEO success in terms of traffic, backlink acquisition and rankings.
    3. Video content – ideal for people who consume content visually. Excellent for explaining processes and talking through ideas
    4. Podcasts – a relatively new concept for a lot of businesses but quickly growing in popularity. Your audience can listen to your perspective on a topic.
    5. Infographics – great ways to display data and concepts visually. These work best when they are supported by some written insights too.

    What is a Featured Snippet?

    When creating content to be used online, it is difficult to ignore featured snippets.

    A featured snippet is a format on the search engine results pages where a short, direct answer is displayed without you having to click into a link. They are selected by Google, based on what they think is the most suitable excerpt from the page content on ranking pages.

    Why do you want Featured Snippets?

    If content from your page is selected as the featured snippet for a question, you will likely see a huge increase in search impressions and increased clicks through to your website. Both of these translate into your organisation getting better brand exposure in the search engine results.

    Types of Featured Snippets

    There are three main types of featured snippet which you may come across on the search engine results pages. These include:

    • An answer in text- either a paragraph of one line response
    • A list
    • A table

    The text answer is the most popular out of all of the different types. 


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