Social Media

Don’t Underestimate This Powerful Tool

Social media can be a very big waste of time if you don’t have a clear plan with measurable goals. You can spend hours scheduling posts and bolstering conversations which lead to nothing.

On the flip side, social media can be an incredibly powerful tool for the likes of generating new leads, having meaningful conversations with your industry and staying in touch with existing customers.

We help companies to identify which social media channels are right for their mission and audience. Rather than throwing messaging out on every channel and seeing what sticks – we help you take a strategic approach to social media and utilise the right platforms to your advantage.

Social Media Services

Here are some of the key things which make up our social media services. Depending on your business, your internal resource and budget, you may find some of all of these things useful. 

Social Media Management

Taking the reins of your social media channels while you focus on running your business.

Social Media Advertising

Promoted campaigns and targeted ads to help you achieve you amplify your reach.

Social Media Training

Upskilling you or members of your team to help you improve the results of your social media activity.

How our Social Media Services Work



We can agree a monthly plan to achieve your objectives.


You can let us know when you need help – no contracts required.


We can agree a fixed term scope of work with an end goal and date in mind.

Get Started with Social Media


Our team are on hand to sit down with you and start revolutionising your social media present and results. With experience across many industries, geographic areas and company sizes, we are well placed to identify the best approaches to achieve your vision.

When you work with us on social media, you can be sure that:

  • We will carve out the initial strategy – ensuring that the social media plan is something that everyone can get behind and believe in
  • It will be based completely on your situation and your goals – no templates, ever.
  • It will incorporate best practice techniques
  • We will outline how the activity crosses over with your other strategies or marketing activity

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    What Goes into a Social Media Strategy?

    Your strategy should be bespoke to you, based on valuable insights about your audience and your industry. We can work with you on getting a clear plan together -regardless of whether you need full social media management services or you want to execute the plan yourselves.


    What do you want your social media strategy to achieve for your business? Knowing your end goal makes it easier to plan activity. 

    Industry & Competitor Audit

    What works and what doesn’t? Understanding the competitive landscape can provide useful insights and help you learn from the experiences of others.

    Measurable Targets

    What are the indicators that your social media strategy is working well? How will you monitor performance?

    Content Creation

    What content will sit at the heart of your social media feeds – what format will it be and who will be creating it?


    What influencers exist on your chosen platforms and in your industry and what do we know about them?

    Plan of Action

    A clear road map for you to follow which outlines the key stages of the strategy – in line with your internal resources and budget

    strategy planning session

    Social Media Audit

    If you are currently working on social media but you are unsure how well your strategy is working, or would like some pointers, we can conduct a social media audit. This will help you benchmark your current performance against key industry targets.

    We will include lots of actionable tips that you can get started with straight away, as well as identifying more strategic opportunities for you to incorporate into your activity.

    This exercise is ideal before starting with a new strategy – helping you to understand what worked well, what didn’t work so well and which areas might need more or less focus.

    Why Work with a Social Media Agency?

    Social media is something that many businesses choose to handle in-house – as you have the feet-on-the-ground knowledge to populate a rich social media feed. However, some businesses simply don’t have the time to dedicate to this.

    When you work with a social media agency, you can enjoy benefits including:

    • A team in hand to offer expert guidance and support. Social media platforms are always changing, so a strong understanding of the playing field is essential.
    • Peace of mind that the feeds are being updated and the campaigns optimised, while you focus on your other priorities
    • A service that you can turn on and turn off – which is less commitment than inhouse employees and teams
    • Clear and unbiased competitor analysis which gives you a holistic view of where you sit in the marketplace.
    • Detailed, measurable reporting which gives a clear picture on ROI.

    team meeting

    Essentials of a Great Strategy

    If you already have a social media strategy that you are working towards, you may be wondering how effective it is or where the gaps might be. Below, we have outlined some of the indicators of a great social media strategy for you to take a look at. You can also use these if you are creating a strategy for the first time, and want to get an idea of the kind of things you should be exploring.

    Make It Inspiring

    It’s crucial that your team truly buy into and invest themselves into your strategy if it’s going to be successful. One of the best ways to do this is to ensure that any strategy you create has a clear vision – one which tells a story and captivates the people around you.

    They will need to understand the motivations behind why you have created the social media strategy – how you have devised this approach, why it is important that the social media strategy is delivered, and what this means to the individual within their role.

    Ensure Resourcing is Clear

    It’s very easy to produce an extensive strategy which covers off many approaches and tactics. However, it’s crucial that you also include a clear roadmap as to how you are going to resource the strategy. Consider these questions:

    • Do you have enough staff to deliver the strategy?
    • Are there members of the team who need upskilling in order to deliver their part of the strategy
    • Does the team have all of the technology and software they need to execute the strategy?
    • Have the costs for additional resources, equipment and training been properly budgeted for?
    • Getting these right help the team to feel that the strategy is more achievable.

    Strive for Consistency

    Everything you are doing should all be working towards the same goal. This means that the marketing messages should be consistent right across the marketing mix. Through from each marketing channel to the different customer touch points – a unified approach is key.

    Lack of consistency can quite often occur when channels are siloed. You must treat each of your channels as a part of a holistic marketing strategy.

    Give Social Media Content Real Care & Attention

    Don’t fall into the trap of sending out social media posts just for the sake of it. Dedicate time to ensuring that your content is highly valuable to your audience.

    Content can take a number of different forms, however repurposing great content can help you to avoid reinventing the wheel with every content piece if you have given a great angle on a subject area.

    Get your social media off the ground

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