Google Penalty Recovery

Resolving Google Penalties ?

There is nothing worse than investing in search engine optimisation or making improvements to your website to then find it impacted by a Google Penalty.

It can be upsetting and frustrating, to say the least, when your website appears to ‘fall off the face of the earth’ in terms of Google rankings and traffic.

When it comes to removing the penalty, there is no silver bullet. We have a tried and tested process for Google Penalty Removal which has been incredibly successful.

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Although no one can claim to truly understand Google’s algorithm, including Google themselves, we are very familiar with the core principles of what they are looking for in websites.

Our team can work with you through the process of recovering from a penalty, aiming for the smoothest transition from receiving the penalty to getting back on track.

We’ll investigate why you have received the penalty and then submit the required inclusion request until you are back in the clear.

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    What is a Google Penalty?


    It is essentially a sanction issued by Google. It is usually noticed either by messages in Google Search Console or by a significant, alarming drop in organic traffic.

    The penalty prevents your website from ranking at all, or can lower your website right down in the ranks.

    It can take one of two forms:

    Manual Action – This is when you are alerted in Google Search Console about an issue on your website. This is usually as a result of previous black-hat SEO techniques being carried out on your website.

    Algorithm Related Penalty – this requires more investigation as you are not alerted but still see a noticeable drop in traffic. This is where there is a noticeable drop in traffic and your website has been punished automatically with no warning.

    Why have you received a Google Penalty?


    The most likely reason why you have received a penalty is because your website is showing evidence of unnatural or unethical SEO strategies.

    Google’s aim is to provide users with the best quality search results. They use penalties to take action against low quality websites – ensuring that they do not occupy strong search engine positions.

    By low quality, we mean websites which contain spammy, unhelpful backlinks and so forth.

    When a manual penalty is issued, it is because the team at Google have identified that your website does not comply with their guidelines.

    When an algorithm related penalty is experienced, it is because an algorithm update focused in on a specific issue (for example keyword stuffed content) identifies this issue on your website and automatically demotes you.


    What is the process for removing a Google Penalty?


    This depends on why you received the penalty in the first place.

    For manual warnings, you must be able to demonstrate to Google that you have resolved the issue (i.e. removed all of the unnatural links, to the best of your ability). This is done by:

    • Auditing your backlink profile and identifying which links might be causing issues
    • Removing the offending links (if possible), creating a disavow file for any which you can’t remove
    • Completing a reconsideration request

    If there is an algorithm related penalty, we would recommend the completion of our SEO audit.

    This will give a 360 view of the website – highlighting areas where it is falling down in terms of SEO. This can be turned into a roadmap to make improvements and resolve any identified issues.

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