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Many people still see SEO as a complex strategy, combining many different techniques from content creation through to link building. When it comes to a great SEO strategy, you really need to be working on a multitude of techniques to achieve growth in rankings and traffic.

Your strategy should be a living document which outlines exactly what you want to achieve how you are going to achieve it and by when. It can be an extension or supporting document to your marketing strategy.

When it comes to sitting down and tackling writing a strategy, teams are quite often left wondering where to start. Identifying the key metrics, agreeing a series of objectives and setting a timeframe to review it can be incredibly time consuming.

We help businesses with challenges like these regularly. We create and execute SEO strategies for our clients all the time, so we know how to develop something which is meaningful yet effective.

What goes into an SEO strategy?



What do you want your SEO strategy to achieve for your business? For most of our clients it is more sales or enquiries!

Keywords & Phrases

What are people searching to find products and services like yours? How competitive or lucrative are those terms?

Measurable Targets

What are the indicators that your SEO strategy is working well? How will you monitor performance?

Content Creation

What content will you create to support your SEO strategy? What will make your content valuable and insightful?


What influencers or outlets in your industry might you be able to build relationships with to generate backlinks?


What technical optimisations or improvements might be needed on your website to enhance performance?

Strategy Planning Sessions

Our team are on hand to sit down with you and plan your SEO strategy. With experience across many industries, geographic areas and company sizes, we are well placed to identify the best approaches to achieve your vision.

When you work with us on a strategy, you can be sure that:

  • We will conduct a full review of your current skills – identifying any gaps which need filling
  • It will be based completely on your situation and your goals – no templates, ever.
  • It will incorporate best practice techniques
  • We will outline how the activity crosses over with your other strategies or marketing activity

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    SEO Audit

    If you are currently working on SEO but you are unsure how well your strategy is working, or would like some pointers, we can conduct an SEO audit. This will help you benchmark your current performance against key industry targets.

    We will include lots of actionable tips that you can get started with straight away, as well as identifying more strategic opportunities for you to incorporate into your activity.

    This exercise is ideal before starting with a new strategy – helping you to understand what worked well, what didn’t work so well and which areas might need more or less focus.

    Marketing Training

    Sometimes you or your team may need some upskilling in order to be able to deliver your strategy. Perhaps one of the channels is completely new to you, or you need a refresher after not doing it for a while?

    We offer a wide range of training courses on everything from Google Analytics to Social Media which will be sure to help you brush up your skills.

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    Why Work with an SEO Agency?

    Working with an SEO agency can be incredibly beneficial to both your SEO strategy and also your long term SEO objectives. These benefits include aspects such as:

    • A team on hand to guide and support you through the ever changing world of SEO – through from Google Algorithm Updates to technical performance
    • We stay up to date with the industry so you don’t have to. Keeping on top of the digital marketing world can be a full time job in itself
    • Have a service which you can turn on and off – which is less commitment than inhouse employees and teams
    • Clear and unbiased competitor analysis which gives you a holistic view of where you sit in the marketplace.

    Essentials of a Great Strategy

    If you already have an SEO strategy and want to benchmark it against some key indicators of a great strategy take a look at some of these key pointers below. You can also use these to get a feel for the kinds of things your SEO strategy should be covering.

    Make It Inspiring

    It’s crucial that your team truly buy into and invest themselves into your strategy if it’s going to be successful. One of the best ways to do this is to ensure that any strategy you create has a clear vision – one which tells a story and captivates the people around you. They will need to understand the motivations behind the SEO strategy – how you have devised this approach, the importance of delivering the SEO strategy, what this means to them within their role.

    Ensure Resourcing is Clear

    It’s very easy to produce an extensive strategy which covers off many approaches and tactics. However, it’s crucial that you also include a clear roadmap as to how you are going to resource the strategy. Consider these questions:

    • Do you have enough staff to deliver the strategy?
    • Are there members of the team who need upskilling in order to deliver their part of the strategy
    • Does the team have all of the technology and software they need to execute the strategy?
    • Have the costs for additional resources, equipment and training been properly budgeted for?
    • Getting these right help the team to feel that the strategy is more achievable.

    Strive for Consistency

    Everything you are doing should all be working towards the same goal. This means that the marketing messages should be consistent right across the marketing mix. Through from each marketing channel to the different customer touch points – a unified approach is key. Lack of consistency can quite often occur when channels are siloed. You must treat each of your channels as a part of a holistic marketing strategy.

    Give Content Real Care & Attention

    Don’t fall into the trap of creating content for content’s sake. Dedicate time to ensuring that your content is highly valuable to your audience.

    Content can take a number of different forms, however re-purposing great content can help you to avoid reinventing the wheel with every content piece if you have given a great angle on a subject area.

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