The Best Apps To Improve Your Business Productivity

Apps designed to boost productivity can be an asset when deployed in a business environment. Because of this there are hundreds of programs available today, making choosing the right ones difficult. To separate the wheat from the chaff, here are the best apps to download at the moment. There are both iOS and Android options represented to make sure there is something on your chosen smartphone platform.


For remote access to files, folders and apps which are housed on a PC or laptop, LogMeIn is an excellent choice. Compatible with iOS devices like the iPhone or iPad, it lets you use data and even run programs from a desktop computer on your portable gadget of choice via a network connection, making it ideal for productive trips away from the digital marketing agency office.


While the key function of this app is the tracking of time, allowing you to analyse which activities eat into your day and enabling you to manage your professional life more effectively, OfficeTime is capable of more than that. Whether for sole traders or entire teams, this app combines time management and budgeting in a very effective way.


As well as being a good way of managing matters of personal finance, the Mint app is an ideal companion for business users who want to keep track of expenses, manage budgets and generally stay on top of everything to do with money.


For note-taking on the move or for saving articles and media content to review at a later date, Evernote is the best app available. It is ideal for organising your day, jotting down inspired ideas and keeping up with the latest developments.


There are a lot of apps which provide tools for collaboration to teams of professionals, but Basecamp is one of the most popular. Entire projects run by a digital marketing agency can be completed using its intuitive interface and wealth of features, letting you also carry out conversations, share data and keep everything to a set schedule.


Tired of having to manually set reminders for important appointments, add bookmarks for interesting blogs or check the weather to see what to wear each day? If This, Then That is an automation app that lets you streamline all of these tasks and more, with alerts, alarms and a whole host of other actions achievable using its comprehensive set of capabilities.

Dragon Dictation

To avoid the hassle of having to tap away on a touchscreen device and rely on autocorrect to eradicate your errors, this dictation app is a real time-saver. And when you need to send off lots of emails in a day to organise a cohesive marketing strategy, it can aid your productivity a great deal.