The Power Behind Great Keyword Research

The first steps to great keyword research is through understanding the target audience of your market and how they will search for your content, products or services. Keyword research enables you to answer questions such as:

What are your users searching for?

How many people are searching for this?

In what way will they use this information?

We have created steps that can help you to get the most out of your keywords through uncovering the way your target market are searching your content:

What are people searching for?

It is one thing understanding what your company does, but it is another thing to know what people are searching for in the hope of finding a product or service you offer.

The best place to start with your keywords is through your products, services or topics discussed on your site. These are more than likely going to be the keywords that you would like to rank for. Once you have decided on these keywords, you can enter them into a keyword search tool and you will begin to see other keywords and phrases that you may have missed from your list. For example if you were to search the term “theatre” on a keyword research tool, similar phrases such as “pantomime” “tickets” and “show” will also show up.

Discovering new relevant keywords for your content, will allow you to target additional potential search terms that your users may be searching for. Although you may want to target the keywords that receive the highest number of traffic, the keywords with a lower search volume are far less competitive. Therefore, if you have great content and a high ranking on Google, you are far more likely to show for this keyword.

How often do people search these terms?

The higher the search volume of the keyword, the more work will be required to get higher rankings due to the popularity of that keyword or phrase. But if your keyword achieves a seriously low number of searches, you will be at risk of not drawing any searchers to your site.

Get Strategic on Keyword Research with Search Volumes

A great way to look into search volumes would be to get strategic with how your searches may differ depending on the season or the location.

Keywords Research Using Competitors

Knowing which keywords to tackle with first can be highly dependent on the keywords that your competitors are not currently ranking for. Or alternatively you could see which keywords they are ranking for and use these as your priority. Taking keywords that your competitors are not currently ranking for, is a great way to take advantage on what they have missed out on.

Keyword Research by Seasons

If you are a company that has seasonal promotions for example during Easter, Halloween or Christmas then it is important to not let your competitors be the only ones in the battle to rank for the highest position for seasonal keywords.

Keyword Research by Region

Narrowing down your keywords to target a specific location can also help to make your content more relevant to your target audiences. For example in different parts of the UK, people will associate things differently depending on which part of the UK you live in.

Which Format Suits the Searchers Intent?

There are thousands of different attributes to bear in mind when determining your searcher’s intent, but there are a five main categories to be aware of:

Information queries are where the searcher is requesting information, such as the name of a band or the height of a building.

Navigational queries is when the searcher wishes to go to a particular place on the internet, such as Facebook.

Transaction queries is when the search wants to do something, such as purchase a music festival ticket.

Commercial investigations is when a searcher wants to compare between products and the find the best one for their needs, for example a new fridge.

Local queries are for when a searcher wishes to find something in their local area, for example a local shop or doctors surgery.

Being aware of these different searches is crucial to ensuring your keywords give your searcher the result they are looking for. An important stage in the keyword search process is to thoroughly research the search engine results page for the keywords that you want to target in order to get better engagement with your website.

Tools for working out the value of the keyword

There are a range of different tools you can use in order to find the values of the keyword you wish to use. Using these tools can help you quickly research into your chosen keyword to determine whether or not it’s going to help you rank well or not. Keyword search tools:


Keyword research continues to be an optimum part of SEO and if you would like to find out more about how to execute great keyword research, contact us via our contact form or call us on 02380227117