3 Quick ways to increase your website traffic today

You might have had high levels of traffic to your website in the past few months, but as visitor numbers start to take a downward turn, you may start to panic about how you’re going to get these back up. Fear not, because there are a number of simple content marketing strategies that you can use alongside a digital marketing agency to maximise the number of visitors that are coming to your website.

Here are just three of the quickest ways you can do this.

Re-Use Your Great Content

You’ve already produced a piece of engaging content that attracted a vast number of visitors – so why not use this again? To save you a lot of time trying to think of new ideas for content and doing in-depth search engine optimisation research again, you can simply re-purpose some of your old content that ranked well to get some more attention from your audience.

This content did well for a reason, so you need to continue to ride on the wave of glory with this, reaching out to more people and making it grow further in popularity. Dig out some of your top posts and give them a revamp, updating the information if it’s no longer relevant, adding new internal links to more relevant products or pages and updating your description and meta tags so they’re rich with keywords (don’t stuff them full though).

You could even give this post a complete makeover. If, for example, you initially posted your content as a blog, then you could re-purpose this into an infographic, video or whitepaper instead. This will give your content a refresh whilst still being centred on the original topic that attracted lots of attention.

‘Lookalike’ Audiences

By now, you’ll probably know the demographics of your audience. But what about all of those other people with the same tastes and preferences? This is called custom match marketing, and it ultimately looks at a custom audience segment, which is developed after you’ve evaluated what characteristics define your existing audience.

Facebook initially introduced this, and it’s one of the reasons why Facebook advertising became so popular – because the adverts reached out to so many relevant people. Since then, Google and Twitter have also developed their own versions of this type of advertising.

With these social media channels, the algorithm finds people who match your current audience, sharing the same type of browsing, sharing and search history. You’re then presented with a new segment which is full of people who are likely to become dedicated followers of your business too. Once you target them specifically, you can expect your traffic levels to skyrocket.


Everyone loves a freebie, and giveaways are a sure-fire way of attracting people to your website (so long as the giveaway is worthwhile and not necessarily one of your products). Ask visitors to sign up to enter the competition (or provide you with their email address) to build up a growing list of people who you can constantly reward for referring you to their friends or for sharing your content.

This will help to boost the number of people you’ve got registered on your site whilst also increasing your traffic levels. All you need to do is make sure your website can cope with these higher levels of traffic, which is something you’ll need to discuss with your digital marketing agency.

As you can see, marketing isn’t all about having to rack your brain for innovative ideas that will go viral overnight. Instead, it’s about carefully working with what you’ve got to increase your reach and build a growing base of loyal customers.

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