Top Five Keyword Tools

Keywords are still critical to search engine optimisation, enabling sites to achieve higher rankings and boost traffic levels. And with the assistance of the following five tools, achieving your SEO goals should be simpler.

Google Keyword Planner

The official keyword planner from Google is a good place to start and is integrated with AdWords. This means you need an account to use it. For quick, accurate information about the most competitive keywords, it is useful. Or to come up with new ideas to bounce around with your SEO agency, this is a good tool for beginners and experts alike.

Moz Keyword Explorer

The Moz Keyword Explorer can be accessed free of charge in its basic version, with a premium paid-for edition. It lets you get an insight into keywords that are worth prioritising without having to spend any money. It makes suggestions in real time and has a comprehensive database of terms and wide-ranging analytical capabilities, this all-encompassing solution is impressive in its scope and used by many a digital marketing agency in Hampshire and beyond.

Bing Keyword Research

This service forms part of the Bing Webmaster Tools suite and is ideal for generating keyword ideas, testing out certain terms and finding the best set of phrases to harness if you want to ensure that the visibility of your site in the organic results is enhanced.

SERPs Rank Checker

Uncovering the rank of a keyword across hundreds of different domains and both desktop and mobile devices is easy with this free solution. It even offers location-based capabilities if you want to find out how well a term performs in a particular geographic area, making it suitable for more targeted SEO strategies.

Advanced Web Ranking

This cloud-powered package AWR is available to new users for free as part of a 30-day trial, letting you experience on-demand access to ranking information from any device that you are using, and giving you the flexibility to harness it whilst on the move. If you decide to embrace the paid-for version, then you can use other tools, such as those which make it possible to generate custom white-label reports, manage multiple users and even keep tabs on how your site and brand are performing in the world of social media. With a wealth of effective and affordable keyword tools on offer to site owners at the moment, there is no reason to ignore the improvements which can be made after only a small amount of research.