6 Signs Your Website Needs Updating

It can be difficult to know, particularly in this fast moving digital age, where your website sits against competitors. What are the key signs that your website needs updating? We’ve listed some of the common issues that prevent companies getting the best results from their website.

It’s taking a long time to load

It is very important that a website’s content does not slow down it’s performance. What are the implications? Websites with slow loading speeds can leave customers waiting – leaving them agitated and impatient.

Typically, websites “lag” or “freeze” because of flash content such as video content that has been uploaded onto the website. In addition, things like advertisements may contain complex animation that may need optimising to load efficiently and seamlessly.

It doesn’t reflect my business anymore

Whether the products or services you offer have changed, your branding looks out of date, or the website just doesn’t fit with the personality of your company – you are potentially missing out on conversions from your website.

A website needs to make it clear to customers what you are trying to promote while being tailored specifically for the audience you are targeting.

My website isn’t generating enough traffic

Web users need to be given a reason to visit a website, as well as a reason to stay longer on the site and visit again. If you website doesn’t have informative and relevant content, you reduce the ‘stickiness’ of your website. This results in a low volume of traffic with a high bounce rate.

Low traffic can also come down to your investment in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). By using compelling content on your own site and on other relevant, third-party sites, you can begin to build a profile of backlinks. This profile is recognised by Google as a sign of authority within an industry. The better your profile, the better you rank, and the higher up the search engines you are. This in turn influences the volume of traffic you are likely to receive.

My website doesn’t look as good as my competitors

If you’re a consumer browsing for a product or service on the web, you are likely to be faced with several similar websites. People are using a company’s website as an important initial stage of the buying process. Therefore, ensuring that your website sits in line with your competitor’s can be a key tool for competitive advantage.

The content on my page looks messy

Content has become a huge factor of modern web design. It is all about how to display and manage content effectively and create a great user experience. Many older sites have become overloaded with content making it difficult for a user to read and navigate.

By organising content effectively, you improve the user experience – making it easier to direct a user through the site. These factors are fundamental when encouraging users to return to your site, and to convert.

My website doesn’t look great on mobile devices

A large proportion of website traffic is now coming from mobile devices (around 60%). In line with this companies are quickly investing in mobile sites, mobile apps or making their desktop site mobile responsive.

If you don’t have a mobile solution in place, users will be forced to pinch and scroll to navigate through your website.

Your website is your greatest marketing asset. If you’re facing any of these common issues, get in touch for a no obligation review of your existing website.