Improving Your Customer Lifetime Value


Read our Ebook guide for marketing professionals on improving your customer lifetime value.

There is no doubt that spending time and money on acquiring new customers is important – most businesses need a good flow of new customers coming through to survive and grow. However – the astute marketers among us have recognised that there is a great deal of value in retaining existing customers – especially over a long period of time. From the moment you have been able to secure a sale with a new customer, the time has begun to begin working on establishing and building the relationship with them. This will help you to promote loyalty from your customer, which in turn is likely to result in them continuing to spend money with you, and also spending more money with you! 

To help you with your battle to improve the lifetime value of a customer for your business, we have written a useful e-book for marketing professionals. Free – and available with a simple download – this e-book aims to cover off the following common questions:

  • So how should you divide your time and resource between new and existing customers?
  • Which channels work best?
  • And what content should you be sending them?
  • What exactly is the lifetime value of a customer and how do you calculate it?

To understand more about customer loyalty, customer lifetime value and customer retention, as well as answers to all the questions above,  download our ebook for marketing professionals.