Delivering Content Which Drives Higher Revenue

In a fast-moving digital world, marketing continues to be a shifting entity that can confuse many. Digital marketing is a vast umbrella term that covers a range of methods. They all essentially work towards making a brand more recognisable online.

The use of content marketing has been popular for a while with every kind of digital marketing agency and all types of businesses. It shows no signs of slowing. But good content alone cannot transform your marketing strategy and drive revenue. It needs to have more sophistication.  So what is the content which drives higher revenue?

Enter Data-Driven Content Which Drives Higher Revenue

Today’s consumers are increasingly savvy, and most do a fair amount of research before committing to buy. The key to content marketing for these consumers is to use data to market to them in the right place at the right time. Using data collected about your target audience and creating unique content is the best way to position yourself as a brand they take notice of. In a vast ocean of content, personalised marketing is becoming more valuable.

How to Do It

One of the simplest ways you can visualise your target audience is by creating audience profiles. These are based on who is considered a typical consumer in your market and will include details like age range and preferred content medium as well as things they value most in life, which will ultimately impact the type of content you create to grab their interest.

Once you have an idea of the profile of the people you are marketing to, creating customised content becomes a more organic process, as you can determine if they are more likely to respond to visual content or content posted at a specific time of day. Any digital marketing agency will tell you how important positioning is, and the same goes for timing.

Tracking data from within your website is another way to determine how your customers are acting. Looking at where they spend the most time, which products they add to their basket and what they search for can all be metrics to pull together an idea of your audience’s behaviour online that can contribute to how you position content on-site. If you are outsourcing – by using a marketing agency in Southampton, for example – you can specify that you want to use on-site data to help create your content.

Social Media Engagement

Many large businesses now use Twitter as a tool to engage with their audience. The relationship between social media and television events in particular has proven to be a powerful tool in reaching audiences on their level to tap into their interest. Engaging with individuals is an extremely valuable way in which businesses can speak directly to consumers to improve a digital profile. It also provides a direct line to customers, which makes it easier to put together a profile for them.

Specialists in local data will also be able to help you focus your data collection on regional data, which can be a powerful asset in putting together a comprehensive marketing strategy that takes geographical metrics into account.