Facebook Takes Action on Ad Blocking, What Does This Mean for PPC?

Facebook have announced their new updates with changes to how ads are displayed on the social media site. This has called into question the freedom users have with their ad preferences. The ad preferences function has been updated making them easier to navigate what can and cannot be seen. This is making ads appear more like regular Facebook posts

This now means that in effect, ad blocking software is redundant on the site, with ads still being visible. Only specifically tailored ads should be shown according to the user’s chosen preferences.

Facebook claimed people were mainly using ad blocking software to block “disruptive” ads. However AdBlock plus have suggested this move is a way of taking the decision making process from the customer. This could be potentially damaging for both the advertisers and consumers. Ads are being trusted less by consumers, and decreasing their visibility

Although the new update displays a more refined selection of ads, it is still in support of the advertising industry. It allows brands to still get in front of potential customers, albeit in a more targeted way. Users are more likely to click on these targeted, more relevant ads which means the click through rate would be higher and could therefore gain a larger return.

What does this update mean for PPC?

These latest updates do increase the chances of success from a click by being more relevant to the user and of course evading the Ad Blocker software. However this latest update does mean that Facebook users – and the rest of the internet – are becoming more in tune with how they can filter out ads, and more specific with how they are targeted. This presents a challenge to advertisers as they try to appeal their products or services to the target audience; turning to further platforms outside of Google for advertising visibility.

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