Five Things Which May Surprise You About Video Advertising

The Lowdown on Video

It’s taking over the world

Okay, maybe a little dramatic. However – it is actually beginning to take over from the likes of TV advertising with some really impressive stats to boot. These include:

Many marketers have been slow to catch on to the power of video content. This means that for industries where there is a large audience, the competition is much lower on video than other platforms. This presents a great opportunity for businesses who make the investment in video advertising, giving them the chance to get ahead of competitors.

You don’t have to a video making whizz

YouTube have launched a video creation app called YouTube Director which takes all the complexities out of creating video ads. Simple choose a template, shoot and edit, upload to YouTube and start advertising!

The costs are lower than you think

Some people seem to believe that with YouTube advertising you are paying every time someone views an ad. And – for anyone that has used YouTube regularly – you’d instantly be concerned that you would be spending out on all those times that someone clicks off an ad straight away to get to the content they wanted.

Well guess what – with Trueview in-stream ads you only pay after someone has viewed for 30 seconds or after an interaction with the video.

It’s not only about views

Your advertising goal may be views, especially if your goal is focused solely around boosting awareness. However, there are lots of different ways to add in calls to action and additional information which can boost the more tangible results such as clicks, calls, sign-ups, sales and app installs.

It’s all about mapping your advertising against different stages of the customer lifecycle.

It’s not just about YouTube

If you are under the impression that your target audience aren’t likely to come across your videos solely on the YouTube platform, it may interest you to know that you can also get your videos across Google’s Display Network too. This includes an enormous range of websites which you can match against your audience’s interests.

You can also manage most video campaigns from your Adwords dashboard so you can easily measure performance against your other search and display campaigns.