How To Create Better Links More Efficiently

A key element of SEO is link building. It also happens to be something that is particularly challenging and difficult to do well. A good-quality link is akin to a vote of confidence. For example, the more quality links a digital marketing agency in Hampshire has, the closer they will appear to the top of search engine results for relevant searches. High-quality link building involves the application of numerous skills, from content creation and coding to sales and marketing.

It was once possible to achieve positive results simply by building a network of spam links. These out-dated techniques may still be used, but the effects do not have much influence and have no long-term value. A successful search engine optimisation agency will instead work to build quality links.

Quality over Quantity

Search engines have developed, and it has been proven that they value a few quality links far more than multiple spam links. A marketing agency can spend a lot of time and employ multiple resource streams when putting together their link-building strategies.

Types of Links

Editorial links appear natural. A website may choose to link to you because they operate within a similar field or they find your work useful in some way. These links typically do not require much work, aside from the production of good-quality content.

Outreach links come from establishing connections with bloggers and paying for links. The SEO responsible for this strategy will spend time providing evidence to, in this case the blogger, for why the implementation of a specific link will be beneficial for both parties. If, for example, a particular blogger talks a lot about the importance of marketing, providing a link to a digital marketing agency in Hampshire will help both the agency and any readers looking for service recommendations.


A simple strategy is to encourage your customers or users to link to you. There are many ways this is possible to implement. You could, for example, create a badge or an icon that is easily shareable.

Creating a blog for your company and working to make it an informative resource offering helpful advice in a creative and innovative way will be very valuable. Participating in the large blogging community online, perhaps writing guest posts for other sites, taking part in conversations and supplying a consistent amount of content, will earn your website links and endorsements from other blogs.

Another option is to spend time creating content that has the potential to go viral or attract the attention of the media, bloggers and social media users. Again, there are many ways to go about this, but it will take time and it does not carry with it a guarantee of success. The key objective here is to create something that has an intrinsic shareability factor. Whether that is offering a free product or creating something that is perhaps more contentious will depend on your brand and your objectives.

In order to encourage people to link to your website consistently, it is important to implement a solid strategy. Once key objectives are in place, it is possible to achieve results efficiently, with the effort invested resulting in high-quality links able to last over time.

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