What is Omni Channel Marketing?

Omni channel marketing puts the customer at the center of your marketing strategy, designed to deliver the most relevant experience to each customer personally. Focusing on the user and their specific needs in order to achieve the ultimate results in a user centric manner.

By using omni channel marketing you can view the experience through the eyes of your customers. Anticipating that consumers may start in one channel and move to another to complete their process. Marketers need to provide a seamless experience, regardless of channels or devices allowing consumers to now engage with a brand in a physical store, online website, mobile app, catalog or social media network.

Regardless of where your customers are located, omni channel marketing permits your specific marketing messages and activities to be delivered in a seamless conversation to them, using any of the channels. Creating messages that consider the channel, and the activity of the customer on that channel, is the most effective way to practice omni channel marketing.

Did you know, 90% of shoppers said they expect their experience to be consistent across all channels and devices? This means that a customer might be physically in the store and reviewing a product online simultaneously. This is ideal in order to increase brand awareness and user experience towards your company.

To practice omni channel marketing well, means marketing on every channel your customers are using. These channels include, the website, blog, Facebook and Twitter, brochures, in store, reviews, mobile apps, billboards etc. With social and mobile making it super easy for customers to switch between channels and use them at the same time, your brand is much more susceptible to positive brand exposure and ultimately increased sales.

What are the Benefits Of Omni Channel Over Multi Channel Marketing?

Multi channel simply targets how you allow customers to complete a transaction in each channel, whereas omni channel marketing lets you create diverse and connected messaging, delivering the most relevant user experience. By carrying out omni channel marketing effectively you will benefit from the following:

Better Customer Insights

  • Providing a way of sourcing large amounts of data to learn more about your target audience
  • Can help you identify your customer’s behaviour
  • Determine how customers respond to email promotions, when they buy and what they purchase
  • Boosting your lead generation process

More Brand Exposure

  • Increase your company’s reputation, credibility and brand awareness
  • Omni channel users like options and many ways to connect both online and offline
  • The more places your brand appears, the more recognisable you are

Increased Revenue

  • Omni channel shoppers are more likely to purchase online or offline as they can engage with your brand in multiple areas
  • Remain present or fall behind
  • Allow your customers to find you on multiple channels

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