Our Top Free Marketing Tools: 2017 Rundown

Choosing The Right Tools For You

With so many on the market, choosing the right top free marketing tools and software for your marketing campaigns can be a minefield. Which ones are worth investing in? Which free online tools are worth their weight in gold?

To help you suss out which tools might help with your marketing efforts, we’re giving you a rundown of some of our top free marketing tools from 2017.

Our Top Free Marketing Tools

Answer the Public

Amazing for the SEO and content fanatics out there, Answer the Public does what it says on the tin. It helps you answer the questions being asked by the public right now. With question searches taking place online more than ever, this tool helps you to identify those frequently asked topics. A hidden gem when creating useful articles for your website visitors.

For each keyword search, you will be presented with a web of questions (see below). There will also be prepositions, comparisons and a selection of other keyword ideas.

Our Top Free Marketing Tools: 2017 Rundown

Google Data Studio

Have you ever dreamed about having an amazing way to present your website data? Cue Google’s data studio software which does exactly that. Allowing you to pull through from the likes of Analytics, Adwords, Search Console, Facebook, Twitter and more. Data Studio is a great way to quickly create reports which you can refresh whenever you want an update.

You can include monthly comparisons, experiment with date ranges, create quick graphs and charts and add commentary. This is great if you are sharing the reports with people who might need more context!

Our Top Free Marketing Tools: 2017 Rundown

Hot Jar

Interested in some insights into how people are using your website? Hot Jar allows you to begin collecting screen recordings as people use your website.

If you are considering some web improvements, struggling with conversion rate, experiencing significant checkout drop off or are simply just feeling nosy, then Hot Jar allows you to quickly get started and start recording sessions.

For an entry level, there is a free option where you can start experimenting. However, if you want to set up recordings of specific journeys or outline specific objectives, then there are some paid for subscriptions. These will give you some more structure.

If you don’t have the time to sift through the recordings (which becomes pretty addictive by the way) then you might also be interested in their heat map feature which allows you to analyse visitor behaviour and how people have navigated your page

Our Top Free Marketing Tools: 2017 Rundown

Data Highlighter

Another Google tool, Data Highlighter is a feature within Google Search Console which allows you to implement basic schema markup on key attributes on your website.

By using schema, you are using your website’s HTML to indicate specific elements of your website which are of importance. This then highlights this information to search engines and improves the way that your page is presented in the search engine results pages.

For anyone with little to no coding experience, Data Highlighter allows you to take an initial foray into the world of Schema by experimenting with some common tags – for example business contact information, event information, product details and so forth.


Jealous of other businesses who are always posting those slick looking social media graphic along with their posts? You can create your own in Canva, a WYSIWYG graphic design tool for complete beginners that comes with pre built templates for all social media graphics as well as document builders, leaflets and more.

It doesn’t have the widest range of fonts, and you’ll find that it’s much easier to customise their templates rather than create something from scratch. However, it’s a great way to get started with social media graphics – a proven way of increasing click through rate from social posts.

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