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We worked with Documation, a leading provider of business process automation, to design and build their new WordPress website.

It needed to make their solutions as easy as possible for customers to digest. What’s more, they also wanted to improve the quality of the traffic while decreasing bounce rate.

Documation website laptop mockup
Documation website tablet mockup
Documation website smart phone mockup


As well as launching their new website, Documation also decided to rebrand with a completely transformed look and feel. The new brand guidelines and logo gave us a great base to start building an effective website design.


As a software business, Documation were more than familiar with the power of iconography in terms of both usability and making areas of the website quickly identifiable. We worked to create a unique set of icons which Documation could utilise throughout the website and marketing materials.

Conversion Rate

The website was also tasked with boosting the conversion rate of the website – effectively guiding visitors through to data capture points, downloads and the enquiry form. Using their revised colour palette, we utilised the vibrant shades of light blue and purple to act as priority colours for these areas. This meant that the eye was drawn to these important areas of the website.


Documation website design
Documation knowledge base website design

Knowledge Base

One of Documation’s aims was to be creating more higher value, authoritative content to help them demonstrate their expert knowledge of the industry. They also attend a lot of events and are involved in industry associations – so they wanted somewhere to talk about that.

We built a structured resource centre, broken down by category. When Documation add in a new piece of content, they can quickly select the relevant category. On other pages on the site, they can show related content at the bottom of the page to cross reference resources with services.

Bounce rate down



The new website has received great feedback from both new and existing customers who are finding it a much more enjoyable experience compared to their old website. The clear and simple structure has made it much easier for people to quickly navigate to the content they are interested in.

Strong improvements in metrics such as bounce rate, average pages per session and time on site have indicated that both the website performance and the quality of the traffic have improved.

Average pages per session increased by



Knowledgable, creative and very helpful! Atelier designed our new website and we couldn't be happier with it.

Kathryn Armstrong, Marketing Executive

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