UX & Analytics

Prioritising User Needs & Goals

Too often businesses design and build their website around what they think they need, without basing it on direct user feedback or actual user data.

User Experience (UX) is about spending time to understand your users and working proactively to improve their experience on your website and more broadly, with your business.

Analytics is a broad term for the insights gathered from your current website and marketing activity. This data can help you evaluate how your campaigns, website pages and individual website elements are performing.

Our UX & Analytics Services

Take a look at the different tasks and channels which we incorporated into our UX & Analytics offering.

UX Services

A series of tasks to help you understand your users in great detail. Ideal for at the start of a new project or for continuous development over time.


Setting up tools, such as Google Analytics, which can record useful insights. For example, user demographic information, what pages they visit etc.


Setting up specific code which can record user behaviour. Such as completions of your contact form, form abandonment & phone calls.

UX Audit

A benchmarking exercise to explore areas where your website is excelling or falling short from a user experience point of view.


Improving specific areas of your website and branding to make it accessible by those with additional needs e.g. colour blindness.

Accessibility Audit

A one off task to cross reference your website against accessibility criteria – primarily WCAG 2.1 A, AA, AAA.

Start Unlocking the Power of Insight

There are countless useful pieces of information about your users and how they behave which are hidden in your website data. It is only by investing in exploring your users in more detail and monitoring behaviour and performance that you are able to benefit from them.

We can work with you to capture what matters most to your users and translate that into meaningful and impactful improvements to your website and marketing.

Get in touch with our diverse, knowledgeable team today to discuss the principles of UX and Analytics and how they could work in your world.


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