Pay Per Click

Immediate results & visibility with targeted pay-per-click advertising through to your site.

We support national and local businesses through effective paid marketing strategies. Whether it is Google, Bing or any of the social media platforms, our PPC management service ensures every penny is accounted for and that leads or sales to your business increase.

If you’re already advertising, we will start with an initial audit to explore the current set-up and highlight any issues or missed opportunities. If you are starting from scratch, we’ll scope out the most lucrative keywords for your industry with an overview of our recommended set up and approach. We’ll then present a plan of action which defines your campaign objectives and how we are going to meet them.

How our PPC Services Work


We can agree a monthly plan to achieve your objectives.


You can let us know when you need help – no contracts required.


We can agree a fixed term scope of work with an end goal and date in mind.

PPC Services

Our services span across search engines and social media platforms, where we manage a multitude of campaigns for many different industries. Here is a selection of our most popular services, please get in touch if you can’t see your option listed.

Search Ads

We use our creative skills alongside data and technology to create a campaign with great click through rates and impressive lead acquisition costs.

Shopping Ads

We manage vast campaigns of product ads for a wide range of sectors – through from technical and industrial products to sought after consumer goods.


Make the most out of the people who have already visited your website by continuing to market to them after they have left your website.

Display Ads

Get your business in front of a targeted audience by using image and graphic based ads in strategic online placements on other sites.

Why Atelier?

  • We’re an official Google Partner, Bing Partner & Facebook agency – so you’re in safe hands!
  • Everything we do will be measurable, with transparency around pricing and our approach
  • Human-centric approach to management, as opposed to purely automated bots and scripts

What Can You Expect From Us?

  • We provide detailed reporting focused on the numbers you care about
  • No mandatory long contracts – and if you do want to lock in for longer we will make it worth your while!
  • Dedicated project team who get to know you and your business
  • Access to your own account for full transparency

Let's Talk PPC

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    Our Take on Campaign Management

    Many people see the likes of Adwords as a bit of a minefield- capable of spending an awful lot of money if not handled with care. It can be daunting when you first start, not knowing exactly what you will get for your money or when you can expect to see a positive return.

    Our approach to campaign management is based on continuous monitoring with iterative changes. When the campaign launches you put forward a great campaign with great ads, however as time goes on and you begin collecting data, analysis reveals more areas to explore, new keywords to trial (or avoid!) and a better understanding of performance. With this knowledge, we continue to monitor, tweak and evolve the campaign over time to continuously improve performance.

    Our management service includes:

    • Improving the effectiveness of the ad copy – always running tests, making optimisations and keeping the ads up to date with best practice
    • Implementing negative keywords – successfully highlighting the keywords you do not want to appear for
    • Tracking everything and anything within the context of your objectives, and analysing it in a meaningful way
    • Successful bid management – getting you the best bang for your buck on your PPC spend, improving profitability and the bottom line
    • Detailed but straightforward reporting giving you the insight behind the numbers

    Want to see what we can do?

    We can offer a no obligation audit, or PPC introduction, if you simply want to dip your toe in the water and see what's possible.

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