Theatre PPC Campaign

We worked with Mayflower on a three month campaign to demonstrate the power of the Google Not For Profit Ad Grant. This involved advertising Mayflower as a venue as well as their upcoming shows and workshops.

The key objectives were to increase the number of new bookers, the revenue from sales and the number of sales.

mayflower theatre seating plan

Reaching a New Audience

As with many other theatres across the UK, Mayflower‘s digital strategy was centred around how to drive more engagement and bookings from a younger audience. The end goal being to encourage more new customers to book tickets for the theatre.

We suggested utilising paid search as a way of introducing new customers – if they were searching for things to do in the local area or upcoming events, then Mayflower would have chance to share information about upcoming perfomances.

This campaign was made possible using Google’s Not For Profit Grant of $10,000 USD per month.

Sales From New Users Grew By


Targeted Campaigns

With so much available budget from Google’s grant, we focused on making the campaign as detailed and granular as possible to ensure maximum exposure. This included campaigns for all of the upcoming shows advertised on the website, as well as youth productions and workshops, information about the venue hire, the restaurant and also campaigns dedicated to more generic local search terms such as ‘things to do in Southampton’ and ‘events near me’.

This approach allowed us to be really proactive in the management of the campaign – able to quickly measure the performance of individual ads and have better management of negative keywords.

The Number of Online Sales Increased By

Google analytics

Campaign Performance

The introduction of paid search saw Mayflower Theatre experience a great increase in the number of new users to the website. What’s more, we found that when we compared the new users from paid search and the new users previously – the new users which came from paid search was also much better quality traffic. This was indicated by the subsequent increases in sales and revenue on the website.


Revenue from Online Sales Went Up By


Next Steps

Following this proof of concept campaign, we continue to work with Mayflower Theatre on their digital marketing campaigns. This includes advertising for upcoming shows, remarketing campaigns across social platforms and ongoing support with website tracking and user experience.

Adopting these new strategies has given Mayflower Theatre the confidence to put digital at the heart of their marketing strategy – for both their own self promotion and the campaigns they put together for shows.


We have been very pleased with the UX work and the digital advertising projects that they have undertaken for us.

Sarah Lomas, Head of Sales & Marketing

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