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We work with Wow Camping to help them achieve increased year on year ad performance within a target ROI on their investment in pay-per-click ads.


Wow Camping came to us they were concerned that their campaign was not making the most out of new and available features and achieving consistent growth.

Our goal was to manage a stable handover from the previous agency, make improvements to existing campaigns and then look to expand the campaigns with new features – specifically data-driven and target ROI campaigns.

Campaign Structure

As a camping wholesaler, Wow Camping sells thousands of products which range significantly in price. There are also a very wide variety of competitors all selling similar, or the same products.

We worked on implementing a much more granular structure which focused on breaking down products into meaningful groups such as by product category, by brand or by popularity. This, in turn, allowed us to manage budget, structure and ROI on a much more detailed level.

Bid Strategy

As an established advertiser, the Wow Camping PPC account contained a vast amount of data and historical performance insight. This made it eligible for data-driven automated bid strategies on Google Ads. Historically the campaign has been managed manually which meant things frequently got missed and opportunities were not maximised. With this change in bid strategy, we were able to ensure Wow Camping’s ads were being shown to the people who were most likely to convert.

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Target ROAS

Wow campaign works to a very strict return on investment target, meaning that they do not want to spend more than a specific percentage of revenue on their advertising spend. This gave us a very clear guideline to work with, and was a perfect fit for the Target Return on Ad Spend model offered by Google Ads which allows you to optimise your campaign for a target ROI.

This helped us to move away from having a maximum monthly budget, which at times was very limiting to the campaign, and allow the campaign to spend indefinitely as long as sales were achieved at the desired ROI percentage.

Performance Max

Some specific products within Wow Campings portfolio are best sellers, especially at certain times of year. They wanted to know how they could maximise both visibility and sales for these products to gain competitive advantage.

We implemented Performance Max campaigns which uses your product assets to show ads across a wide variety of channels to achieve the maximum visibility and potential sales.

This technique, although not suitable for Wow Camping’s entire product portfolio, has achieved great results for when things need to be scaled up during peak times.


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Facebook Ads

Although Google offers the largest audience, it is not the only consideration when it comes to pay-per-click. During peak times, we run Facebook product ads to help maximise sales which may not have come through Google.

This has involved both remarketing – showing ads to people who have visited the website but not converted the first time around, as well as marketing to a cold audience who may not have heard of Wow Camping before.


Wow Camping operates on a week by week basis with their internal reporting, so we wanted to replicate that as part of our management approach. We provide a weekly ecommerce report highlighting key figures of top priority for the client. A more detailed report is then produced monthly to drill down into the specific campaign details and top line strategy.

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