Free SEO Audit

Regardless of how much you invest in digital marketing, it is vitally important to be aware of just how ‘healthy’ your website is. Whether you’re looking to better quantify your marketing ROI or simply better analyse your site’s importance, regular audits are essential. Take a look at our free SEO audit which can help you with this.

Our Free SEO Audit

To offer a helping hand to our clients, local businesses and local marketing professionals, we are offering a free SEO healthcheck which will help you get a better idea of exactly where you stand in the digital world. The health check is our own 70+ check point list which gives you a run down of your website’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as ideas on how to fix it and the size of the marketing opportunity. The health checks covers all sorts of digital marketing areas, including the following:

  • Google Analytics setup
  • Google Search console
  • Onsite Optimisation
  • User Experience
  • Page speed & mobile friendliness
  • Local search optimisation
  • ​Website security


Whether you are just starting to explore the world of digital marketing and online analytis, or you are a fully fledged digital campaign master, we are certain that our health check will not only open your eyes to lots of opportunities but will also offer insights and details that you may not have been aware of.

What are you waiting for?

When it comes to a free audit there is no reason to delay. To arrange yours, simply get in touch and make yourselves known and we can get started!