Free Digital Marketing Workshops

We know that digital marketing is about more than just hiring an agency. Marketing starts from within – at the very core of your business! We’ve found over the years, that most businesses seem to be struggling with the same marketing issues;

  • “I get lots of visitors to my site but not enough sales leads”
  • “I’m struggling to justify my marketing spend”
  • “My website looks ridiculous on a smart phone”
  • “It takes me a few minutes to find myself on search engines results pages”
  • “I’ve got a database of customer data but I don’t know what to do with it”


Free Digital Marketing Workshops

We want to help local businesses make better decisions when it comes to getting the most out of digital marketing. As part of our plans to achieve this, we are going to be hosting free digital marketing workshops at our offices on the Southampton Science Park in Chilworth.

The sessions will be around 2-3 hours and will be made up of several short twenty minute sessions addressing these common issues along with practical digital marketing advice. The sessions will be run by members of the digital marketing team.

If you’d like to express your interest in an upcoming workshop, or would like to discuss having a workshop take place in your office, just get in touch.