How Often Should You Update Your Business’s Blog?


How often do you update your business’s blog? Once a month? Less often? If you want your blog to impact on search engine rankings, then you’re not blogging often enough.

Although effective search engine optimisation is based on many factors, the production of fresh and relevant content is paramount. You can’t just optimise your website once and then sit back and relax – optimisation is an ongoing process. It requires the production of fresh high quality content on an ongoing basis.

Quality, Authority and Trust

Search engines like Google incentivise frequent updates when it comes to search engine rankings. As the most popular search engine bar none, this is where your focus should be.

Frequent updates do not, and should not, be minute-by-minute postings. SEO rankings are based primarily around authority and trust, and your regular updates should reflect how knowledgeable you are about your industry. Generate regular content that is genuine, reliable and of good quality and you’ll see your search engine rankings rise.

Scheduling a significant blog post once a week – or at most two or three times a week – will provide your viewers with fresh, thought-provoking content. Comments also count as updates, so do your best to encourage a discussion.

Be Aware of Keywords

The more content you have, the broader the range of keywords that your site can be ranked for. But don’t make the mistake of cramming them meaninglessly into your content. Focus on quality and natural inclusion that optimises your site for the keywords you think are most relevant.

If writing doesn’t come naturally to you, then you can outsource or use one of the variety of online tools to help. Using a good SEO or digital marketing agency is also an avenue worth investigating.

Optimise Indexing

Google uses web crawlers to find and index websites. They index based on a number of factors, including freshly updated content – the more you update, the more often your site will be indexed for quality signals and re-ranked accordingly.

Stay consistent and develop a content marketing calendar to focus your goals. There are free templates available online, or use a digital marketing agency to manage this for you.

Engage and Promote

So why provide all this fresh, engaging, high-quality content? To engage your audience and promote your brand message effectively, keeping existing viewers’ interest and demonstrating you have something to offer to new ones.

The more value you offer, the more time customers will spend on your site instead of bouncing – another factor search engines value highly when ranking pages. Engaging viewers with high-quality content is also valuable in getting your content shared on social media, an increasingly valuable and reliable way to build authority and relevance for search engine rankings. And the better and fresher your content, the more opportunities you’ll create to convert viewers into customers.

Use the Professionals

If regularly creating all that relevant high-quality content seems overwhelming, then help is at hand. A digital marketing agency will help you focus on your digital marketing strategy, while an SEO agency will help you optimise your search engine rankings. With their help and some great content, your company can engage and add value, converting page hits to sales.

Atelier possesses all the skills and expertise you need, all under one roof. We’re here to help for all of your digital needs.