Marketing Audit

Benchmark Your Marketing Activity with a Marketing Audit


If you are unsure if your current marketing strategy is working, or want some guidance to improve your activity – our marketing audit could help!

Our marketing audit will give you a rounded view of all your marketing activity – helping you to:

  • Determine which parts of your marketing strategy are working well and which might need some consideration or adjustments
  • Understand how your performance compares to your competitors and other organisations like yours
  • Discover new channels or tactics which you might not have considered
  • Get quick wins and actionable tips that you can implement straight away
No Obligation

Easy to Understand

Unbiased & Fair

Bespoke To You

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Our clients range in terms of size and industry, making us ideally placed to give expert insight into how your marketing activity is performing compared to your peers. 

With our marketing audits, you can be sure that:

  • Our feedback will be unbiased
  • The audit will be designed bespoke – focused on the aspects which are important to you 
  • There will be no obligation to proceed with any further work
  • We’ll be looking at the creative and psychological aspects of marketing as well insights into technical performance
  • Your marketing audit will also highlight opportunities and quick wins as well as feedback on your existing activity
  • We will always relate our findings back to your business objectives – helping you to assess your goals and targets 

When you get in touch, we will have a quick conversation or meeting to understand your requirements and challenges. We will then conduct the audit on your marketing activity and arrange a time to feedback and talk you through our findings.

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    What’s Included in a Typical Marketing Audit?

    We create each of our audits bespoke depending on what is most relevant to your business. Here are some of the things which will typically be included.

    SEO Audit 

    Analysis of your current search engine performance. This audit will cover off an analysis of the technical aspects of SEO, as well as scrutinising your onsite optimisations and backlink profile. The end result will be made up of clear actions to help you boost traffic from search engines and improve your organic rankings.

    PPC Audit

    A review of any active or dormant PPC campaigns across commonly used platforms such as Google Ads and Bing. Through from a review of your budget and bidding strategy to advice on creative ad copy and visuals – we can help you to reduce costs while improving performance.

    Competitor Analysis

    Many marketing channels involve competing against other organisations in your sector. This part of the audit looks at how you stack up – what are you doing well? Where are they outperforming you? What are the opportunities to increase your market share?

    Website Audit

    Often there are aspects of your website which may be holding back the performance of your marketing campaigns. We analyse your website from both a technical and creative point of view to explore how performance could be improved.


    What are the best channels for you to deliver your key messages to your target audience? We’ll review where your marketing activity is currently spread and give feedback on the channels being used – recommending any we think you should consider.

    Plan of Action

    After all aspects of the audit have been completed, we will feedback with clear guidelines on how you can improve your activity based on our findings. This will be a mixture of quick wins and actionable tips as well as longer term strategic guidance.

    Who Will Benefit from a Marketing Audit?

    A marketing audit will, unsurprisingly, be useful for anybody who is working within a marketing department or tasked with marketing as part of their role. The findings will often help you drive your existing strategy forward as well as identifying other strategic opportunities which we think you should consider. 

    If you are a business owner who doesn’t quite have a marketing department – you will still benefit from the audit. Whether it is to carve out a strategic ‘to-do’ list for the future or to receive a review of any work completed by another supplier. 

    The audit is suitable for businesses of any size.

    We can start your audit right away!

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