Why Is My Website Not Ranking On Google?

Are you struggling to see results in the Google SERP’s? Wondering why your website isn’t ranking highly or even at all? There’s a number of reasons why your website isn’t ranking on Google – follow our guide to see what mistakes you might be making.

The way Google works is a well-kept secret with many factors determining how Google ranks your website securely locked within its walls. There are many agencies and webmasters out there who have made very good and pretty accurate assumptions as to the way Google works their magic when it comes to web ranking.

Are You Making These Common Mistakes?

As a digital marketing agency we see our client’s facing a whole host of existing problems with their website rankings when they come to work with us. 

Whether you have a website already and you’re concerned that it’s not doing very well, or you need a brand new website where we can start from scratch – our expert team are dedicated to boosting your Google positions and web page rankings. But one thing that’s very important to remember – this will not happen overnight.

Here’s a list of the most common mistakes we regularly see:

  • No fresh content uploaded to the site
  • Duplicate content on the website
  • Over-optimisation otherwise known as keyword stuffing
  • No images and therefore no alt tags
  • Poor H1-H5 choices that don’t contain relevant keywords
  • Your website just doesn’t cover the basic SEO practices
  • Made a big structural change and not 301 redirected properly
  • Practicing ancient SEO techniques like meta keywords
  • It’s blocked from being crawled or indexed by Google
  • Your domain has poor backlink history
  • You’re not using social media as a marketing tool
  • Contains no inbound or outbound links
  • Possible use of spammy links in the past affecting domain trust and authority

How Atelier Can Help

When we welcome you into the Atelier client base the first thing we do is run a health check of your existing website. This will allow us to determine if any of these issues are occurring and the areas we need to focus on to get your website to number one, page one in Google.

This doesn’t mean however, that you have to have a website to be part of the Atelier family. We’re experts when it comes to designing you a brand new one. With a new website you won’t have to worry about any of these common ranking mistakes as we make it perfect to start with.

For more information about why your website isn’t ranking on Google and how we can help you, get in touch with one of our team on 02380 227 117.