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We worked with Hargroves Cycles on user research and website design to help them achieve a more user friendly and higher performing Magento website.

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Project Background

Hargroves Cycles were looking to partner with an agency to produce an exciting new eCommerce website to replace their previous site.

They wanted the new website to really demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in the cycling industry, while also communicating their highly competitive pricing.

Their previous website had shown some issues in terms of how it led potential customers through the checkout process and also how enjoyable it was to use. It was crucial that the new website process incorporated research and evidence-based decision decisions to ensure the new website offered an optimal experience for users.

Project Objectives

  • Encourage cycling enthusiasts to interact with, and to buy from, the site and remain loyal
  • Improve the overall conversion rate of the website
  • Offer a best-in-industry experience in terms of usability and user experience
  • To position Hargroves Cycles as one of the leading cycling retailers across the South Coast
  • To reduce basket abandonment
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Website Analysis & Customer Survey

We conducted a thorough report into user behaviour; gleaning insights from analytics from the existing website. This highlighted invaluable information such as popular pages, popular user journeys and conversion data. This was used to form the basis of a content audit for the new website and also in making important decisions around website structure.

A customer survey was then launched to encourage more detailed feedback into user’s perceptions of the existing website, as well as features and functionality they would like to find on the new website.

strategy planning session

User Experience Exercises

An initial workshop was conducted with the Hargroves team to delve into user, business and organisational goals. We also examined the existing customer experience – identifying key touch points.

An onsite Net Promoter score was implemented on the existing website to capture any additional feedback.

Working with the team, we then developed a series of user personas to represent their various user groups. This helped to visualise the users when it came to making decisions around content, design and usability.



The design phase involved creating desktop and mobile mockups for a number of key pages. The designs needed to communicate Hargroves USP’s – including:

  • their price match
  • the fact they are rider owned and run
  • their finance offering

They also wanted the look and feel to give a personal feel, while also highlighting that there are many specialists brands available.

For the colour palette, we opted for a mixture of bold, primary colours – balanced with white space to draw the eye to key areas of the website.



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