About the Project

To kickstart our newly founded Charity of the Year programme, we selected Lucy Air Ambulance to receive a tailored digital package to support their digital marketing needs.

Utilising Google Ads Grants, the objectives were to increase website traffic, event sign-ups, and all-round traction.

Project Background

At the start of our partnership, Lucy Air Ambulance was already a well-established charity, predominantly driving awareness on social media platforms. Their life-changing service and determination to help critically ill babies and young children capture many people’s hearts, but to promote their cause further, they required additional support and funding.

After being successfully selected as our Charity of the Year 2022, Lucy AAC received a tailored digital package to use on a project of their choice. To attract new website users and generate awareness, we devised a PPC strategy to target people looking to support charities and participate in fundraising challenges.

Raising Awareness

To get started we provided support with the Google Ad Grant application process, which gives non-profits access to £7,000 per month to spend on search ads. Once this had been allocated, we conducted in-depth keyword research and launched our search ad campaigns across the Google network.

We used relevant and engaging ad text to capture interest, as well as a variety of ad assets to promote key landing pages resulting in a desired action, including the callout ‘Support Us’ and structured snippets to highlight upcoming events.

From analysing the campaign insights we generated 42,860 search impressions, with events being a key driver of this, and increased website traffic by 188% YOY.

In 5-months Paid Users Increased By


Campaign Development

In the first three months of working on the Google Ad account we noticed an uplift in related search volumes, with an increase in desire to support local charities. To jump on this trend, and increase our traction we introduced new campaigns to reflect upcoming events and regularly carried out additional keyword research to highlight and fill any gaps in our current strategy.

In this time, we were able to continually raise awareness for Lucy Air Ambulance, with Paid Search now accounting for 15% of the total of new users reaching the site.

Click-through Rate Improved By



Lucy Air Ambulance for Children is proud to have been chosen as Atelier Studio’s Charity of the Year for 2022. We are so grateful for all your Google Ad support and digital training this year. It has made such a difference to our charity and will continue to do so going forward. Thank you for helping us raise awareness of our life-changing service.

Carla Yarrow, Corporate Partnerships Manager

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