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We worked with Paris Smith to help them grow their search engine visibility and organic traffic for their key family and commercial services.

Using a combination of onsite optimisation and content writing alongside offsite outreach and link building, we were able to get their priority keywords onto the first page of Google while dramatically increasing traffic and conversions.

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Project Background

Paris Smith originally reached out to us as some recent website changes had caused them issues with their search engine rankings and organic traffic.

We began by completing a full site audit and implementing some critical fixes. Once we were confident the site was functioning correctly, we then embarked on a 12 month SEO campaign to help them continue to grow search engine performance.

The campaign centred around crucial search terms across their key departments, including the likes of divorce, family, employment, IP, trust and commercial.

Improving Website Content

As well as some fixes to the URL structure and content format, one of the main tasks to improve Paris Smith’s SEO was in improving their content.We found that visitors to the site were primarily arriving directly to the homepage, even from search engines, so we wanted to improve the indexation and ranking of their indvidual department pages.

We worked with many of the Partners and their teams to improve the content on their respective specialisms, while supporting them in developing in-depth and authoritative content that their customers were interested in.

Traffic to the Site Increased by

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Offsite Outreach

As a well respected law firm, Paris Smith unsurprisingly already had a number of backlinks which could be leveraged. However, we also worked on bulding relationships with a number of high authority legal websites, legal blogs and other trusted business outlets.

Utilising the new influx of content, as well as other resources, we were able to successfully build a number of high authority links back through to the Paris Smith website – helping to improve their domain authority further.

Growing Traffic & Enquiries for Paris Smith’s Services

When looking at at an annual comparison, we could clearly identify that during each month of SEO activity, traffic had seen a significant increase when compared to the same month the previous year. When reviewing the year end figures, the total number of visits to the website had increased by a total of 40% year on year.

As with the majority digital marketing stretagies, as well as traffic growth, this SEO activity had to clearly demonstrate a commercial impact with a solid return on investment. As part of this, we set up tracking across key visitor actions including submitting a contact form and requesting a call back at the outset of the project.

This allowed us to explore the increases in enquiries, as well as traffic, which came about as a result of our activity. At the end of the year, we were able to report that there had been an increase of more than 100% in the number of website enquiries when compared to the previous year.

Website Enquiries Increased by

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Ongoing Activity

Following on from this successful piece of work, we have continued to work with Paris Smith on their SEO as well as a number of other projects including helping with their launch of the Winchester Office, support them with hosting and website support and integrating online payments to the site.


We have worked with Atelier on a number of projects over the last few years, including a campaign to launch our Winchester office, an SEO strategy and other website projects. During each project their team became an extension of ours and we really enjoyed working as more of a collaboration!

They had a great understanding of marketing for the legal sector and were able to help us achieve really great improvements in our SEO as well as hugely increasing the number of enquiries we got through the website.

Sandy Waters, CRM & Website Manager

SEO for the Legal Sector

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