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We designed a new website for Mayflower Theatre – the biggest theatre on the South Coast.

Working with their inhouse team, we provided te visual aspects for their new Umbraco website – designed to boost mobile experience, engage a younger audience and sell more tickets.

Mayflower theatre website desktop mockup
Mayflower theatre website smart phone mockup


The website historically had a very dark look and feel so for the redesign we really wanted to brighten it up and make it more easy on the eye. We reverted to a white fresh background colour, allowing the excellent array of show imagery to do the talking.

Having previously relied on red and black as the main colours for the website design, we expanded the website colour palette to introduce some softer shades of purple and blue to make the website look more modern and accessible.

Making the website full width helped with the overall responsive experience – allowing the website to look great regardless of the device being used by the visitor.

Mayflower Theatre website menu design


As part of the website process, we also worked with Mayflower Theatre on an audit of all of their existing website content. This involved breaking down all of the different pages and reviewing their performance to determine which pages could be removed, consolidated with another, improved or kept.

This helped to really scale back the number of pages on the website overall as well as simplify the structure of the navigation. The key pages on the site are now well structured allowing people to quickly find the information they need.

Statistics show that bookings are now most likely to be made by someone aged

Mayflower Theatre whats on website design

Improving What’s On Pages

Extensive work was put into creating the optimal What’s On page – utilising user experience testing and usability trends to make this page intuitive and engaging for regular and new bookers.

We ran tests on various different approaches and experimented with category names and styling to create a What’s On area which was successful in helping people to discover upcoming shows and workshops – taking them from the listing page straight through to a show page that they are interested in.

The number of average monthly users has increased by


Website Tracking & Optimisation

Website Optimisation

Before the website went live, we conducted a full optimisation task to ensure that all areas of the website could be read, understood and indexed by Google.

What’s more, we also provided support in creating meta information and other onsite optimisations throughout the site to help increase click through rates from search engine traffic.


We used Google Tag Manager to set up extensive tracking throughout the website. As there are always regular campaigns going on, it was crucial for Mayflower that all interactions were being tracked correctly.

This included ecommerce tracking as well as tracking individual elements such as buttons and search features.

Conversion rate has increased by


Beyond Go Live

Since the website has gone live, we have continued to support Mayflower Theatre with an array of marketing campaigns for their shows, as well as supporting them with tracking for their migration over to TNEW.

The website has allowed Mayflower to offer a more engaging experience which has been incredibly successful in meeting their goals – including boosting bookings from a younger audience and giving people a much more enjoyable experience on mobile and tablet devices.


Atelier carried out a successful UX digital project which ultimately led to our website redesign and relaunch this May. We have been very pleased with the UX work and the digital advertising projects that they have undertaken for us.

Sarah Lomas, Head of Sales & Marketing

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