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Technical Fine Tuning for SEO Success

There is no doubt that content and link building are fundamental parts of a successful SEO campaign, however it is crucial that Technical SEO is not forgotten. Not only has it played a key part in a number of Google’s recent search algorithm updates however it also influences whether a user will find it enjoyable to use your website.

In all of our SEO packages we recommend attention being paid to website optimisation. This is where we take care of, and maintain, the technical elements of the website. By technical elements we mean everything from the markup of the website code to aspects such as security and speed.


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    Diagnosing Issues with Technical SEO

    It is not always easy for those without specialist search marketing skills to identify whether or not their website is facing issues with how their website is optimised – or suffering from no optimisation being present.

    Here are some common issues you may be experiencing which we can help you to resolve:

    Lacking or Unusual Search Engine Rankings

    You may be finding that your website is not visible in the search engine results for things which you think you should be appearing for (or at all). Alternatively you may find that your website is appearing that for things you don’t want to be appearing for.

    Concerned about your Search Engine Listings

    Your listings in the search engine results pages have issues – for example they are too long and getting cut off, they don’t accurately represent the content on your page, or they are far too short and don’t give enough information.

    Low Click Through Rate from Search Results

    A low percentage of people are clicking through to your website from the search engine results pages.

    Slow Website

    Your website is taking longer than expected to load on desktop, mobile, or both.

    Accessibility Issues

    You have had feedback, or suspect, that your website is not working well for people with accessibility needs or who are using accessibility devices (e.g. screen readers).

    404 Pages

    You have a large number of 404 pages on your website or you frequently end up at a dead end when you are browsing your website.

    Sudden Drop in Traffic

    Your website traffic has suddenly dropped dramatically and you are not sure why

    Errors in Search Console

    You have had warning messages or errors come up in Google Search Console and you don’t know what they mean or how to resolve them

    Crawl Errors

    You are experiencing issues in how your website is being crawled by Google or have noticed crawl anomalies

    Security Issues

    Your website has issues around security, or you have received security warnings which need addressing.

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