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Onyx Money are specialists in Bridging Loans and Commercial Property Finance and they came to us looking to increase lead quality whilst improving their cost per lead.



Onyx Money had been running Google Ads for three months but hadn’t generated any high quality leads that they had been able to convert. Based on this, we set out to do the following:

  1. Generate a higher volume of enquiries by refining keyword strategy to prevent wasted clicks.
  2. Improve overall campaign performance and metrics.
  3. Reach the right target audience by improving ad copy and pre-qualifying potential leads before clicks.
  4. Fix conversion tracking to improve the data being used for the automated bid strategy.


PPC Strategy

After carrying out an audit, we found there to be issues with the conversion tracking so we set out to fix this before we launched any new campaigns and we also found that headlines and descriptions weren’t being used to their full potential and the landing pages metrics could be improved to generate more clicks at a better cost.

Based on the client’s budget, we recommended starting with 2-3 campaigns after carrying out some keyword research to find out the average CPC for their key services.

After a conversation with the client to establish how much a lead would be worth to them and to really understand who their ideal customer is, we launched the new ads.

Uplift in Impressions


Ad Copy & Assets

We revised all the responsive search ads to maximise the opportunity of this ad type by using all 15 headlines and 4 descriptions. From our research in this market, we made the call-to-action more prominent in the ad copy, outlined unique selling points to differentiate Onyx from its competitors and we also added a wide range of ad assets such as images to take up more space on the search results pages drawing more attention to the ads. We also introduced copy to pre-qualify potential customers before the clicked through the website, to help reduce any wasted clicks as the average cost per click was high. 

Click Rate Improved



To ensure all of the budget wasn’t being eaten up by potential leads in London, we experimented with negative bid adjustments in London and targeted those who were within a 100 mile radius of the clients Fareham office. 


Quality scores and landing pages experiences were below average which was having an impact on the performance of the ads. Some of the keywords weren’t eligible to show at all due to low quality scores, so we worked with the client to increase the quality scores by adding the keywords we were targeting on the landing page to improve relevance and as a phase 2 introduced tailored PPC landing pages with clear call to actions with lead forms above the fold and a outline of benefits including best performing keywords to drive action.

Reduced Bounce Rate



Atelier (especially Chloe) have been absolutely brilliant with helping us get our PPC campaigns up and running and generating the leads we were hoping for. They go the extra mile with thinking of ways to improve campaigns and consider alternative advertising avenues. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them for all your marketing needs

Louise Wilkie, Marketing Manager

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