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Web design is all about communicating your brand, displaying information and guiding your audience towards meaningful actions.

By putting users at the heart of our design work – we can translate everything we know about them into designs which actually resonate with them and inspire action.

When we work on web design projects, we are concerned with not only what looks great, but what is going to result in the objectives and success measures for the project.

We have completed design projects for a wealth of organisations, from arts and culture organisations like Southampton City Art Gallery to start up tech companies like Kelda Technology.

Web Design Process

Within the design phase of website projects, we work through these steps to end up the perfect design.


Design Brief

A written document outlining the boundaries of the design.

Covers off how we will use your brand guidelines, the website colour palette, typography, image styles and more.


A grayscale website prototype showing navigation & page structure.

Allows you to start planning content, test user journeys and get a feel for the features & functionality on the website.


Once you are happy with the page wireframe, we will translate this into mockups.

We tend to start with the homepage and then expand this out onto other pages once you are happy with the overall direction.

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Design is not just about making things look great, but it is also about considering the psychological elements of how people consume web pages.

By putting users’ goals, frustrations and expectations at the heart of our design, we are able to create experiences which generate results.

Get in touch with our team to start the process of turning your objectives or ideas into stunning, yet effective, designs.

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    User Experience & Analytics

    Part of both planning and evaluating design is concerned with understanding your users.

    Before we start any design work, we recommend a series of user experience and analytics tasks which can help to truly understand the motivations, passions and goals of the people you want to engage.

    Once your website is live, we suggest continuing to use this information, as well as recording behavioural data to analyse how well your website is performing with your different audiences. This can provide invaluable user insights which can help inform iterative changes and tweaks to optimise performance.

    See more about our user experience & analytics services. 

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    Principles of Great Design

    Want to know more about the theory behind design work?

    We’ve drafted an in-depth piece on the core principles of design. This covers off more than 26 different principles including:

    • Hicks Law
    • Rule of Thirds
    • Occam’s Razor

    These principles have been tested and proven time and time again. They may contain useful insights for you in considering how to approach design for your website or for other design projects.

    View the guide to Design Principles

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