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Clean, Cohesive Code

The development phase is the biggest part of most website projects.

It is the phase where your beautiful design concepts get turned into actual templates, web pages, integrations and functionality.

Our team of developers thrive on producing websites to the highest standard – with an exceptional attention to detail.

All of our websites are built bespoke (this is a theme-free-zone!) and fully responsive so that they look great on the smallest and largest screens!

We work on both complete website projects, as well as updates and improvements to existing websites.


Web Development Process

Technical Specification

A written document outlining how each functionality item will be tackled.

This breaks down how we will build it, how you will administer it, which parts will be editable in the dashboard and so on.


The actual coding and development of the website itself.

This is where the CMS is configured, your templates are built and the website designs turn into a fully working website. 

Testing & Optimisation

An important stage after development to test across devices & browsers. 

We’ll also set up your tracking and complete necessary optimisations to preserve and enhance your SEO activity. 

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We’ll then assemble the appropriate people from our side to provide some initial information or recommendations.

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    Let’s Get Industry Specific


    We don’t work in just one industry, we have always tried to keep a varied and diverse client base. We pride ourselves on sharing our learnings from the different industries we work in to bring new ideas and explore new situations.

    Here are some of the main industries we have worked in:



    Brochure Websites


    Construction & Industrial

    Charity / Not-For-Profit

    Arts & Culture




    Software & Technology

    Additional Services



    Perfect if you have an idea but aren’t sure how to take it any further, or if you have an inhouse or offshore team and need some localised technical support or project management.

    Website Migrations

    An option to consider if you like the design of your website but you want to move it over to a new Content Management System. This can be more cost effective than a new site.

    Website Integrations

    More specific information about the kind of integrations you could have on your website. This could be integrating with your existing website or part of the build of your new website.

    Flexible Templates

    We use flexible templates,where possible, to boost the ease of content addition once the site has launched.

    Flexible templates will allow you to have a suite of panels, beautifully designed, which you can pick and choose from when editing, creating or updating pages.

    These work in a drag and drop format, so you can adjust the order, and can contain everything from forms and feature boxes to content panels and image boxes.

    Our clients find that these templates move away from the rigidness of fixed templates which require every similar page to follow the same layout and structure. You can get creative and make each page look unique even within the same category.

    User Experience & Analytics

    Part of developing great functionality and web experiences is concerned with understanding who your users are and what they want to do when they visit your website. 

    Before we start any development work, we recommend a series of user experience and analytics tasks which can help to truly understand the motivations, passions and goals of the people you want to engage. 

    Once your website is live, we suggest continuing to use this information, as well as recording behavioural data to analyse how well your website is performing with your different audiences. This can provide invaluable user insights which can help inform iterative changes and tweaks to optimise performance. 

    See more about our user experience & analytics services


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    The Importance of a Technical Specification

    There are many different ways of running website projects. Having experimented with them all, we find our clients tend to prefer working in a waterfall / sequential manner.

    The pinnacle of this method is the technical specification which becomes the ‘bible’ of the website that we then go on to create.

    Having a technical specification allows us to give really accurate pricing and timescales, and gives you clarity and transparency over exactly what you are getting.

    Find out more about technical specifications in our in-depth guide.


    Common Web Development Requirements

    Although we work in different industries and our clients have varying objectives, there are a number of requests which come up again and again when it comes to website development.

    Clear & Easy to Use Dashboard

    We ensure your admin dashboard is clearly labelled, with handy pointers such as desired image sizes and file formats.

    You won’t have to meddle with any code – you can simply enter your text and files into the labelled boxes.

    Open Source Content Management System

    Many businesses are now coming to us with a specific CMS in mind – for example WordPress – that they want to use for their project.

    While bespoke CMS’ were all the rage when open source was not quite as strong, this has been flipped on its head.

    Open source CMS’ now offer great cost savings around integrations and additional functionality. What’s more, there is a lot more available support and increased portability for the future.

    CRM Integration

    If you use a CRM system, it is almost a no-brainer to have it integrated into your website. Even if this is on a basic level, for example having new contact form submissions automatically opening a new contact record or lead in your CRM database.

    Blog / News Area

    Many companies like to publish fresh news and updates, as well as resources and guides. We like to build smart content hubs which include categories, filters and the ability to handle large content volumes.

    We also have many clients who work on high value content pieces for their SEO strategy. These tend to be incredibly in-depth and also contain a mix of different media formats, so we ensure that the templates can handle a wide range of different content types and approaches.

    Accessibility Requirements

    Accessibility is a growing concern for many businesses – especially those in the not-for-profit or public sector. In line with this, many of the briefs we receive contain some kind of requirement around achieving certain accessibility criteria.

    Most commonly, we are asked to achieve a level from the WCAG 2.1 guidelines (A, AA, AAA.

    We can also offer accessibility audits and improvements as a one off project for existing websites. See here how we did this for Artswork.

    E-Commerce Functionality

    For companies selling physical products or digital assets, there is the option for the website to be e-commerce.

    We have built websites for as few as 5 products, such as My Trusty Skincare, and for much larger operations such as Associated Pallets

    In line with this, we have extensive experience across multiple payment gateways and shipping options.

    Marketing Systems

    Marketing automation and email service providers are continuing to advance in their popularity and usage.

    We have worked with leading systems such as Pardot, Campaign Monitor, EmailCenter, MailChimp, Hubspot to offer seamless marketing communications to our client’s customers.

    Extensive Tracking

    Slowly, companies are coming to realise that it is not about launching a website and then leaving it for 2 years then starting again. It is about making your website the best it can be at all times. But how do you do that? By monitoring user behaviour and making iterative improvements based on your findings – that’s how.

    We set up in-depth tracking for our clients which helps them accurately record all their conversions and meaningful actions, but which also monitors how individual page elements perform. For example, form abandonment, individual button attribution, interactions with a service panel or feature.

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